Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Oconomowoc township, Waukesha Co.; later moved to Scandinavia, Wisconsin - 1847.

Johan Gottfred Gasmann:  He was born July 7, 1796 in Porsgrunn as the son of Nils Egedius Gasmann and wife Karen Helene Brangstrup. He was for many years captain of the emigrant vessel "Salvator", and he was the one who sailed the first voyage from Porsgrunn in 1843 with farmers from Gjerpen.
In 1845 he lived on the farm "Søndre Follaug" in Gjerpen.

Follaug Søndre
No 210

Johan Gasmann, Captain, married age 47
Charlotte Gasmann, wife, age 45
Maren Gasmann, age 20
Caroline Gasmann, age 17
Anne Gasmann, age 9
Henriette Gasmann, age 6
Maren Elisabeth Andersdatter, servant maid, unmarried, age 29

Johan married Charlotte Hedvig Mannal, born 1799, and was the daughter of Gaven Wright Mannal and Severine Constance Nielsen.
Johan died July 26, 1878 at Scandinavia, Wisconsin. His wife had died a few years earlier, October 8, 1872. They are both buried in Scandinavia Lutheran Cemetery.

They had the following children:
1. a boy who died in childhood.
2. Constance. Born Febr 7, 1807. Married to her cousin, Niels Egedius Gasmann,who emigrated in 1843 with his parents.
3. Maren Henrike, born December 26, 1826. Married to her cousin Christian Gottfried Gasmann, who emigrated in 1843.
4. Caroline Jensine, born 1829. married Nov 9, 1848 Martin Frederick Sørensen, born ca 1823 in Denmark. He was a episcopal clergyman and they had 9 children. Caroline died of diphtheria along with 4 of her children. They had the following children:
a. Alfred Sorenson, married with four children, Blanche, Grace, Arthur, Helen.
b. Charlotte Sorenson, died at Sycamore, Illinois
c. Helen Sorenson, died at Sycamore, Illinois
d. William Sorenson, died at Rosland, British Columbia in 1907.
e. John Gasmann Sorenson, born March 25, 1859. Married, One child.
f. Stephen Sorenson, died at Waupaca, Wisconsin
g. Matthew Sorenson, died at Sycamore, Illinois
h. Robert Ralston Sorenson, died at Davenport, Illinois.
i. Dick Sorenson, died at Sycamore, Illinois.
5. Carl Egedius, died at Santa Clara, California, April 26, 1897. Married Jensena Blakefield. They had no children, but adopted her daughter.
6. Johan Gottfred, born possibly in 1834. He was ordained Episcopal clergyman, May 30, 1858, serving in Wisconsin and Illinois, going in 1861 to Sonora, California, later serving at Stockton, then Nebraska City and Omaha. For 6 years at the Yankton Indian Agency. From 1879 to 1884 at Schyler, Nebraska. A short time at Crow Creek, Dakota, then Omaha, then to Santa Clara, Saratoga and Alameda, California. Died at the age of 82 at Los Gatos in California. He was married in Chicago, August 28, 1861 to Alvira Clarkson.
He was also the 7th rector of the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Omaha, Nnebraska. He had been nominated as a replacment for the former rector, Fr. Bett. The Bishop who nominated him was his brother-in-law, Bishop Clarkson. He began his services May 30, 1869. On a web-site for the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral" on the internet, I found the following about Johan Gottfried:

On November 10, 1869, disaster struck! The new church building was destroyed by fire! Samuel Brown, a member of Trinity Church, offered the use of his new hall on 14th Street between Farnam and Douglas Streets, on Sundays free, provided the sum of $5.00 per night was paid him for gas consumed.

After the destruction of the new Trinity Church, the parishioners put aside their dissentions and all pulled together to keep the parish alive. The church was insured and Trinity received $9,833.34 from the insurance company. But there was still a mortgage on the destroyed building of $6.400. Most of the insurance money was used to pay off this mortgage. A drive for funds was started for building a permanent cathedral building. In the meantime a very plain wood structure 30 feet by 50 feet, was erected on the site for the temporary use of the congregation. This church cost about $2,000. Although built as a temporary church, it served the congregation for over ten years and was twice enlarged, once in June, 1872, and a second time in 1873.

On March 4,1872, the Rev. John Gasmann resigned his rectorship. In his letter of resignation, he attributed it to the state of his health and wanting to have a rest from clerical duty.

7. Anna Regina, born 1836. Married William Stoy. They had the children: A: Mary Newton, born march 19, 1861. Married 1896 Gustave Jenson, and they had 2 children: a1. Anna, born March 8, 1897 at San Francisco and died February 28, 1908. a2. Regina Anthonia, born February 15, 1902 at Saratoga, Wyoming. B: Anna Gasmann, died April 1, 1892 at San Rafael, California, C: William Sanchez, born April 2, ??, D: Samuel Butterworth, born July 6, 1867. Married October 23, 1895 Anna Maud Jones, at Port Townsend, Washington. They had 2 daughters: d1: Eleanor Doris, born November 1896 at Portland, Oregon. d2: Monica
8. Henrietta, born June 13, 1840, died June 10, 1913. married Jerome Bancroft. They had seven children.
9. A boy who died in infancy.

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