Utreist med/ Emigrated on: the "SALVATOR"

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin - 1843.

Hans Jacob Gasmann:  He was born September 29, 1787 in Gjerpen parish by parents Niels Egedius Gasmann and Karen Helene Brandstrup. He was the owner of the farm Foss in Gjerpen, and he became the leader of the first wave of emigrants from lower Telemark.He was a member of the Norwegian Parliament for the periods 1821 - 22 and 1836 - 37. He died on Sept 11, 1857. His death was announced in the local newspaper in Skien on December 12 by his daughter Christine C. Houen and son-in-law Anders L. Houen.He was buried  in the Ashippun Episcopal cemetary. He married Nicoline Kathrine Winther on October 12, 1810, but had already had a son, Hans, baptised Sept 20, 1807. He had thisson with the girl Birte Andersdatter Tufte. They never married.Hans Jacob and Nicoline Kathrine had only one girl together. Christine Caroline was born October 13, 1810 and the mother diedNovember 11, 1810. Christine Caroline married Anders Houen (1809-1880). She remained in Skien when her family emigrated andthere she died in 1890.Hans Jacob then married Anne Kirstine Pedersdatter, who was born September 7, 1793 and died February 14, 1876 in Ashippun.They had the following children:	Karen Helene              b. Oct 28, 1812, married July 4, 1844 Henrik Christian Fleck (1817-1891). She died 1898. 	Egidia                           b. Feb 19, 1814, married Johannes Larsen Skotta (1817-1847); married again in 1848 Christian Hansen 	                                          Hojer (1821-1897). She is buried in the Fox River cemetery. At least 5 children	Petronella                    b. March 30, 1815, married 1845 to Ellev Bjørnsen Tungen from Sauherad(1815-1850). Three children.	                                          She married a second time in 1855 to Peder Russell, at least 3 children.	Sara Regina                 b. Aug 28, 1816, married 1848 Lars Larson Wåhlen from Sweden (1807-1878). She died Febr 1, 1901 in	                                          Fox River.	Niels Egedius              b. March 3, 1818, returned to Norway, but came back in 1845, bringing his wife Constnce Gavnmine, who	                                           was born Febr 7, 1807. They  moved later to Amherst, Wisconsin. They had 6 children.	Carl Severin                 b. Sept 18, 1819, married 1855 Kirsten Marie Abrahamsdatter Stilnestangen (1833-1892), Both are buried	                                          at Ashippun, Wisconsin. At least 5 children.	Peder                            b. April 22, 1821, married 1845 Anna Helena Johansdatter Bellerud. They moved to Martell, Wisconsin.	                                           They had at least 3 children. One of them was John Gasmann born 1849 in Wisconsin. He married Laura Haugen, born 1861 in Wisconsin (She died in St. Paul 1936.) 			           This couple had a daughter Lula Janette Gasman, who was born July 6, 1888 in Washburn, Wisconsin and married at the age of 25 to Vern Edward Butler, 			            born in 1877 in Lake Lindem, Michigan (dead 1958 in Washburn). Lula died 1964 at Loves Park, Illinois.		Hans Andreas            b. Dec 23, 1822, married 1852 Johanne Marie Sørensen. They had at least 4 children. 	Julie                              b. Jan 6, 1825, married 1845 Hans Benedictus Paus. He was born 1817 as the son of Peder Paus and Andrea	                                          Bendixen. He built the first mill in Scandinavia township, and in 1880 he was a clerk in Marinette Co.	                                          They had at least 4 children.	Christian Gottfried      b. March 4, 1827, died 1876. Moved to Amherst and married 1851 Maren Henricke Gasmann. They had	                                           at least 6 children.	August                         b. Aug 7, 1829, Lived in Clear Lake, Iowa, later in Mason City. Married Johanna Helvig Gregoriusdatter Tufte. 			          They had at least 2 children. Augst was a captain in the Civil War with the 15th Wisconsin Regt.	Gabriella Eulalia           b. March 26, 1833. She married 1855 Martin Russell, born Sept 28, 1824 and died April 8, 1924. Gabriella	                                            died January 23, 1901, and both are buried at Clear Lake, Iowa. At least 3 children.	Finandus Mattæus     b. Febr 17, 1835. He married Maren Gurine Tufte. He was first lieutenant in the 15th Wisconsin Regt, and	                                           he is said to have died at Chickamauga. At least 2 children.

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