Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Palmyra Township, Jefferson County, Wisconsin - 1847.

Amund Zachariassen Berberg: He was born Nov 14, 1831 on the farm S. Berberg. His parents were Zacharias Olsen and Magnhild Simonsdatter.
Amund married Anne Kirstine Olsdatter and they had five children.

Samuel, born April 20, 1858.
Mariane, born March 31, 1859.
Othilde, born July 26, 1861.
Jane, born Dec 2, 1863.
Lovise, born Oct 11, 1866.

He married again around 1868 to Anne Kirstine Christensdatter and they had at least four children.

Sophie, born May 12, 1869.
Claire, Nov 27, 1874.
Otto Augustus, born July 7, 1874.
Essie Gertrude, born July 10, 1880.

Amund was a brother of Simon Zachariassen Berberg, who emigrated in 1844 and also of Ole Zachariassen Berberg, who emigrated
with him in 1847. Also their sister Kari emigrated in 1847.

Note: According to Clayton Swanton in Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin, Amund used the name Norman Saukerson in
the USA. This family settled in Palmyra, Wisconsin. Their last years they lived in Whitewater, Wisconsin.
Gard StrÝm.

Their parents Zacharias Olsen and Magnild Simonsdatter married in 1807 in Gjerpen. Zacharias was the son of Ole Amundsen and Gunhild Zachariasdatter and
Magnhild was the daughter of Simon Gregoriusen Lund and Karen Kirstine Jacobsdatter. Zacharias died Jan 28, 1842 on Berberg and Magnhild died February 13, 1846.
Zacharias and Magnhild had the following children, all born on Berberg in Gjerpen.

Gunnil, born 1808.
Karen, born 1810.
Ingeborg, born 1812, married Oct 3, 1839 to Jacob Andersen Kaasen from Solum.
Maren, born 1814.
Simon, born 1817.
Simon, born 1821, emigrated in 1844.
Ole, born 1823, emigrated in 1847.
Kirstine, born 1826.
Amund, born 1831.

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