Utreist med/Emigrated on: the bark SALVATOR from Porsgrunn

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Oconomowoc township, Waukesha Co, Wisconsin.

Christoffer Olsen Sætret:   Born in Luksefjell in Gjerpen on  March 9, 1815 by parents Ole Christophersen and Karen Larsdatter.
He married September 17, 1845 Gunhild Torkelsdatter Listul, who emigrated the same year with her parents. She died February 26, 1923.
Christoffer is buried February 23, 1902 at Scandinavia Luth. Cem.
They had the following children.
Karin (b. Aug 16, 1846 - died Sept 24, 1846)), Ole (b. March 10, 1848 - died Jan 6, 1925), Karen Thorine (b. May 18, 1852 - died Febr 18, 1922), Christen (b. Apr 22, 1855 - died April 8, 1892), Thomas (b. July 6, 1857 - died Sept 21, 1863), Johan Andrew (b. Oct 1860 - died Sept 27, 1863), John Theodore (b. Apr 3, 1865 - died Apr 12, 1866).
The family moved in 1854 to Scandinavia, Wisconsin, where Christoffer worked as a carpenter. 

The following has been submitted by Roger Johnson of Ashippun, Dodge Co.:

Christopher Olsen Sether (Saetret) (Saetre)  (3-9-1815 in Luksefjell in Gjerpen to 2-23-1902)  m. on 9-17-1845 to Gunhild Torkildsdatter Listul  (8-7-1825 on Liestul to 2-26-1923) who immigrated from Gjerpen in 1843 to the Town of Oconomowoc on the Salvator with Torkild Johnsen Listul & his family.  She was a daughter of Torkild.  (See Bestul file.)  Christopher also immigrated in 1843 with his brother, Ole, on the Salvator and first settled at Pine Lake.  Christian Olson settled in 1843 on the west shore of Pine Lake south of John Bellerud.  His cabin was on what is now the Edwin Jaeger home site.  He purchased 80 acres east of Ashippun Lake in the T. of ocon. on 5-31-1849 per Waukesha Cty. records.  The family moved in 1854 to Scandinavia, Wis. where Christopher worked as a carpenter.  (author of following is unknown - he did research on Norwegians who moved from this area to Iola/Scandinavia area)  “Christopher Olsen Sether was present at Pine Lake on Aug. 16, 1846 at his daughter, Karen’s birth and baptism.  She died three weeks later.  Christopher was said to have been the first to initiate the break with the Episcopal Church when he said he wanted a Norwegian Lutheran pastor.  He wanted to hear Dietrichson speak, but Unonius refused saying to permit him to come was raising one alter against another.  Sether pointed out that that was contradictory to Unonius’ previous statement that there was no differance between Lutheran and Episcopal therefore they didn’t need to bring in Dietrichson to speak.  Sether walked out and some followed him.  He got Dietrichson from Koshkonog to come.  The records of Stone Bank reveal Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Olson Sether whose sketch appeared several weeks ago and had a daughter born at Pine Lake on Aug. 16, 1846.  She was baptized Karen Christopherson on Sept. 4, 1846 by Gustav Unonius. The child died three weeks later. Jacob Listul and Sether were indirectly related.  Jacob Listul and Torkel Listul, while no blood relatives, were married to Olsdatter sisters.”   Gertie Grant from North Lake is a descendant of Christopher Olsen Saeter (Saetre).  Moved to Scandinavia, Wis. in 1854.  They had seven children.
          2.  Karin  (8-16-1846 to 9-24-1846)
          2.  Ole  (3-10-1848 to 1-6-1925)  Served as sheriff of Waupaca County and as a member of the legislature. 
          2.  Karen Thorine  (5-18-1852 to 2-18-1922)
          2.  Christen  (4-22-1855 to 4-8-1892)  He was a doctor.
          2.  Thomas  (7-6-1857 to 9-21-1863)
          2.  Johan Andrew  (10-1860 to 9-27-1863)
          2.  John Theodore  (4-3-1865 to 4-12-1866) 
1. Ole Olsen Saetret (See Ole Olsen Saetret file.)
1. Maria Olsdatter (1805 to 12-1-1843) Died in Norway. m. Aslak Olsen Moe

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