Utreist med/Emigrated on:

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Strongs Prairie township, Adams Co, Wisconsin

Christen Christensen Holm: Born at Holm in Gjerpen June 6, 1831 by parents Christen Isaksen Holm and Anne Rasmusdatter. His paternal grandparents were Isak Christensen Holm and Anne Kirstine Andersdatter. His maternal grandparents were Rasmus Christophersen Berberg and Anne Nielsdatter.

Christen Christensen Holm settled in Adams County, Wisconsin, near the farm of his brother, Rasmus Christensen Holm, who emigrated from Gjerpen in 1849 with his family.
Christen's uncle, Ole Isaksen Holm, and his family also preceded Christen to Wisconsin in 1849. In 1846, Christen's widowed aunt, Marthe Isaksdatter Langerød (u. Berberg), emigrated with her children in 1846, but it is not known where they settled.

He married Guri (Julia) Isaksdatter Røsgaard, in Wisconsin, about 1858. Guri was born September 24, 1835, at Røsgaard in Uvdal parish, Buskerud, daughter of Isak Iversen Røsgaard and Ragnhild Olsdatter Sporan. Guri emigrated to Wisconsin with her parents in 1852.

Christen and Guri had eight children: Christian (John) Holm (1859-1927), Isaac Holm (1860-1937), Anna S. Holm (1863-1944), Robert Holm (1869-?), Ragnil (Rachel) Holm (1871-1921), Ole Holmes (1873-1920), Carl J. Holm (1877-1944), and Gurine Anthea Holm (1877-1928).

There are known living descendants from Rachel Holm and Gurine Holm in the UnitedStates.

Christen died August 9, 1896 and his wife Julia died in 1932 at the age of 97. Both are buried at the South cemetery at Arkdale, Adams County, Wisconsin.

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