Anne Chr. Saamundsdatter

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Anne Christine Saamundsdatter:  She was born ca 1790 at Brekkejordet in Gjerpen close to Skien. Her parents were Saamund Christensen,
who died May 3, 1815 at the age of 58. He fell down a steep cliff close to where he lived and was found dead 2 days later.
She married July 28, 1814 Niels Axelsen Hyni, and witnesses were "Solve Larsen Kjærra and Niels Gundersen Bøe."

They had the following children:
Anne Gurine, b. ca 1815
Søren, b. May 15, 1816 at Brekke Nordre
Andreas, b. Mar 12, 1819 u/ Brekke N
Anders, died Mar 10, 1822 - 2 weeks old.
Berthe Marie, b. Mar 31, 1823 at Brekkejordet
Maren, b. Dec 8, 1825 at Brekkejordet
Johannes, b. Feb 23, 1829 at Søndre Brekke
Christine, b. Aug 28, 1835 at Brekkejordet

In the census 1845 I find living in House no 16 under Nordre Brekke.
Anne Christine Saamundsdatter, widow, age 55
Berthe Marie Nielsdatter, daughter, age 22
Maren Nielsdatter, daughter, age 19
Johannes Nielsen, son, age 15
Christine Nielsdatter, age 10

In the migration records for May 5, 1848 we find:

Niels Hynie's widow, Anne Chr. Saamundsdatter, age 58
Anne Gurine, age 33.1/2
Maren, age 22.1/2
Christine, age 12.1/2
Johannes, b. Febr 23, 1829, age 17
*** to America***

On the same day I find moving from Gjerpen to Skien:
Søren Nielsen Hyni, age 32
Andrea Christensdatter, his wife, age 32.1/2
Marthine Christiane Sørensdatter, daughter, age 5
Nicoline Sørensdatter, daughter, age 2
***to Skien***

Whether also Søren later emigrated, I don't know.

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