Erik Olsen Berberg

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Erik Olsen Berberg:  He was born December 1, 1822 on the farm Berberg in Gjerpen. Parents were Ole Jensen Berberg and Margrethe Eriksdatter.

In 1835, I find the family living on Berberg, Matr. no.: 145
Ole Jensen, age 40
Margrethe Eriksdatter, age 40
Erik Olsen, age 13
Isak Olsen, age 11
Marcus Olsen, age 9
Anne Olsdatter, age 6
Maren Jensine Olsdatter, age 4
Jens Olsen, age 2/3rd

10 years later they still live on Berberg:
Ole Jensen, age 50
Margrethe Eriksdatter, age 49
Erik Olsen, age 23
Isak Olsen, age 21
Anne Olsdatter, age 19
Maren Jensine Olsdatter, age 14
Karen Olsdatter, age 8

I do not know what happened to him after he came to America.

2000 - Skien Genealogical page - by Jan Christensen