Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge County, Wisconsin - 1847.

Jacob Jacobsen Løberg: He was born ca 1802 in Siljan parish, east of Gjerpen. His parents were Jacob Olsen Øverbø and Ingeborg Knudsdatter.

In Siljan Bygdebok, we can read the following about Øverbø (farm no 2):
Ole Solvesen took over half of Øverbø in 1701. He died in 1728. He was married to Kari Jakobsdatter. They had the daughter Aaste, who got married to Lars Pedersen Søntvedt and the son Jakob, born 1706 (died 1768), who married Elisabet Pedersdatter. Jakob Olsen and Elisabet had the children: Marta, b. 1735, Ole, b. 1738, Kari, m. 1762 toJørgen Sørbø, Amund b. 1747, Anne m. to Nils Kristensen Prestegården. When Jakob died, this half of Øverbø was divided between Ole and Lars. Ole received 2 H 1.1/2 skinn, Lars 1 H. 10 skinn.
Ole Jakobsen was married to Marte Svendsdatter Austad (1740-1792). Their children were: Jakob, b. 1767, Lisbet, b. 1779 and Marte b. 1782.
Jakob Olsen married Ingeborg Knudsdatter. Their children were: Ole, b. 1794, Knud, b. 1797, marte b. 1799 and Jacob b. 1802. In 1816 the farm was taken over by his son Ole Jakobsen, who was married to Mari Olsdatter. They had the children: Jakob, b. 1814, Kristine, b. 1817 and Ingeborg Marie, b. 1820.
In 1825 the farm was sold to Peder Hansen who was married to Mari Olsdatter.

Jacob Jakobsen was married to the widow Gurine Thorbjørnsdatter from N. Løberg(C) "Labakken", Dec 27, 1844. She was the daughter of Thorbjørn Johnsen Løberg. She had earlier been married June 14, 1825 to Even Nielsen, (born June 14, 1799 at Skoe in Lunde parish), and who died Oct 10, 1841.

Jacob and Gurine had the child:
Ingeborg Maria, born 1846.

She had 4 children by her first marriage to Even Nielsen:
Johanne, born Løberg Nov 21, 1829.
Niels, born Løberg May 23, 1833, died Dec 10, 1924. Married Nov 5, 1855, Karen Eriksdatter Tveitan, the daughter of Erik Engebrightsen Tveitan and Ingeborg Larsdatter. They had emigrated from Siljan in 1849. She was born in 1830, and died April 10, 1859. Both are buried in the Scandinavia Lutheran cemetery.
Thorbjørn, born Løberg Febr 1, 1836.
Christian, born Løberg Oct 29, 1836. Died 1911. Married Ina (1844-1923). Bith are buried in the Scandinavia Luth. cem.

If we go back and take a look at the farm Løberg in the 1835 and 1845 census, we find the following people there:

Løberg Nordre:
Even Nielsen, married, owner of 3.1/2 skinn, age 38
Gurine Thorbjørnsdatter, married, age 32
Johanne Evensdatter, age 6
Niels Evensen, age 3

Løberg Nordre:
Jacob Jacobsen, owner, married, age 43
Gurine Torbjørnsdatter, married, age 42,
Niels Evensen, his step-child, age 12
Torbjørn Evensen, his step-child, age 9
Christian, his step-child, age 6

By 1860 the family had moved from Ashippun to New Hope township in Portage County, Wisconsin.

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