Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Delafield township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin in 1847, moved to New Hope township, Portage Co., Wisconsin.

Sondre Gundersen Løberg: Sondre was born May 7, 1815 under Nordre Løberg ("Labakken"). Parents were Gunder Thomassen and Ragnhild Sondresdatter.
He married October 31, 1839 Berthe Evensdatter from Holla Parish. She was born ca 1813, and father was Even Tormosen Kaasa.

Sondre and Berthe had the following children:
Gunbertine ("Gunda Bertine"), born Sept 14, 1840 on Falkum in Gjerpen. She married Thorbjørn Larson (1824-1908). She died in 1862 in Iola.
Elise Marie, born April 4, 1843 on Nordre Brekkejordet in Skien
Johan, born Sept 4, 1845 on Nordre Brekkejordet.
Regina, born 1851
Susanne, born August 31, 1854
Julia, born July 11, 1856 in Portage Co.. Married Theodor Løberg, who was born in Dodge Co., Sept 12, 1859: They had the children Cora and Stella, both born in Portage..

Sondre died 1899 and Berthe in 1896.

Sondre had a brother, Thomas Gundersen Løberg, who also emigrated the same year.

If we take a look at the census of Gjerpen for 1835, we find on Løberg Nordre, Matricul No. 131.
Gunder Thomasen, owner of 7.1/2 skinn "hides", age 57.
Ragnhild Sondresdatter, age 57.
Maria Gundersdatter, age 16.
Thomas Gundersen, age 12.

and in 1845: Familie 8 - N. Brekke 1845.

House no 8 under Nordre Brekke:
Sondre Gundersen, watchman, married, age 30 1/2.
Berthe Evensdatter, age 33.
Gunbertine, age 5.
Elise Marie, age 2 1/2.
Johan, age 1/4.

In the book "From the Indian land" p. 189, Sondre and wife Berthe Loberg, were mentioned as being one of the first to settle in new Hope. Their homestead was later taken over by their daughter Julia and her husband Thomas Loberg.

1997 - Skien Genealogical page - by Jan Christensen.