Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin - 1847.

Sigurd Zachariassen Kleven: Born Nov 2, 1810 on the farm Kleven(7) in Gjerpen, by parents Zacharias Jacobsen and wife Anne Hedevig Sigurdsdatter. Anne Hedvig was born 1779 and father was Sigurd Aamoth.
Sigurd Zachariassen married Anne Rasmusdatter, born August 31, 1810 on Berberg(A) in Gjerpen by parents Rasmus Christophersen Berberg and wife Anne Nielsdatter. Her parents were married in 1792. Sigurd and Anne had several children:

Karen, born June 11, 1835 on Kleven. She died Jan 31st and was buried Jan 8th, 1836.
Zacharias, born Nov 26, 1836 on Kleven. He married Sept 27, 1863 to Ingrid Nilsdatter (age 22). They had at least one child, Sakarias Edward, norn March 3, 1864.
Karen, born May 26, 1840 on Kleven.
Anne, born Jan 3, 1844 on Kleven.
Gurine, born June 29, 1847 on the voyage to America.
Rasmus, born May 23, 1850.
Jacob, born June 10, 1853.
Simon, born March 21, 1858.

Sigurd died February 21, 1905 in Milwaukee, and was buried in Ashippun Lutheran Cemetery.
Anne died Febryary 10, 1896 and is also buried in Ashippun Lutheran Cemetery.

The census of 1835 show the following:

Kleven, Matr. No.: 165
Sigurd Zachariasen, married, owner, age 25.
Anne Rasmusdatter, married, age 25.
Karen, age 1/2.
Anne Hansdatter, servant, age 12.

and in 1845:

Kleven, No 475
Sigurd Zachariasen, owner, married age 35
Anne Rasmusdatter, married, age 35
Zacharias, age 9
Karen, age 6
Anne, age 2
Anne Hedevig Sigurdsdatter, mother, widow, age 67

1997 - Skien Genealogical page - by Jan Christensen.