Utreist med/ Emigrated on: bark JUPITER to Boston via Le Havre. Arrived at Boston Aug 9, 1847.

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Manitowoc County, Wisconsin - 1847.

Ole Madsen Bøe: Born January 16, 1821 at the farm Bøe Nordre(C) in Gjerpen, Norway and baptized February 3rd. His parents were Mads Christensen Bøe and Kari Gundersdatter. His father died in 1832 back in Norway, so he emigrated with his mother in 1847.
Ole married late 1849 or 1850 to Anne Gurine Simensdatter, who was the daughter of Simen Aslachsen Stulen and Maren Christophersdatter. Anne is said to have emigrated in 1849. Ole died September 18, 1882 and is buried in the Gjerpen cemetery, together with his wife, who died January 16, 1903.
They had two children:

1. Karen, born Oct 17, 1850 and married ca 1873 to Halvor Pedersen Holm. Halvor was the youngest of 3 brothers who is said to have come to Wisconsin in 1871 from the Holm farm in Gjerpen. He was the son of Peder Jacobsen and Margrethe Olsdatter. Karen and Halvor had 8 children born in Gjerpen parish. 1. Peder Olavis (b. March 9, 1874), 2. Anne Marie (b. Sept 13, 1875), 3. Peder Oscar (b. Dec 13, 1877), 4. Arndt Cornelius (b. Jan 19, 1881), 5. Hilda Christine (b. Febr 13, 1886), 6. Clarence Norman (b. Sept 13, 1888), 7. Hiram Donald (b. Sept 13, 1888), 8. Myrtle Valborg (b. Sept 8, 1696)
2. Anne Maria, born Febr 2, 1861 and married Febr 8, 1887 to Anders Andrew Christensen. Andrew was born April 12, 1866 in Gjerpen and parents were Claus Christensen and Petrea Cecilia Andersdatter. They had come from Bamble parish in Telemark in 1854. Anne Maria and Andrew had 3 children: 1. Clarence Oskar (b. May 29, 1887), 2. Alma Pauline (b. Nov 15, 1888), 3. Anker Melvin (b. March 6, 1891 - died March 3, 1896)

According to Richard C. Madson's book "Gjerpen to Gjerpen", Ole boughtfrom his brother Gunder on January 7, 1857 53 acres in the northwest corner of the NE1/4 of section 26in Manitowoc for the sum of $700. Gunder had paid $1,25 per acre for this land in 1848. On the same day a similar amount of land in the northeast corner of that section was sold to Ole's brother Hans. It is not known when Ole and Anne built their home, but that house is said to have burned down many years ago.

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