Utreist med/Emigrated on: bark JUPITER to Boston via Le Havre. Arrived at Boston Aug 9, 1847.

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Newton township, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin and moving by 1860 to Cato township, also in Manitowoc.

Peder Madsen Bøe:   Born 1803 at the farm Bøe Nordre(C) in Gjerpen and baptized January 8th 1804. His parents were Mads Christensen Bøe and Kari Gundersdatter. His father died in 1832 back in Norway, so his mother emigrated with them in 1847. Peder married August 31, 1827 to Maren Halvorsdatter from the farm Holt Øde in Gjerpen. She was born in 1794 and baptized January 1, 1795. Her parents were Halvor Halvorsen Holt Øde (b.1746, d. 1803) and Margit Gulliksdatter (b. 1763 d. 1845).
Peder and Maren had two children born in Norway:

1. Halvor, born August 16, 1828 at Bøe Nordre. Died February 2, 1849 in Manitowoc County.
2. Anne, born Oct 16, 1835 at Bøe Nordre. Died September 19, 1892 in Cato township. She married August 12, 1857 in Gjerpen church to Christian Larson, b. Oct 28, 1832. In the 1860-census they are living with Peder and Maren along with their 1st child Karen Maria. They had 3 more children: Laura Petrine, Hannah and Hiram Peter. On January 24, 1862, Christian bought 17 acres of land in section 23 in Cato township. Christian bought more land in 1878.

Peder Madsen died December 12, 1879 in Cato township, Manitowoc and was buried December 16 at the Gjerpen Cemetery, Manitowoc.
Maren halvorsdatter died June 24, 1884 alos in Cato township and is buried at the Gjerpen Cemetery.

See also his brother Christen Madson.

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