Utreist med/ Emigrated on: bark JUPITER to Boston

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: USA - 1847.

Hans Andersen Balletad: Born 1819-20 at Kongsberg in Buskerud County. Came to Gjerpen before 1846, where he settled down
as a tailor. His father's name was Anders Nielsen.
Hans married Edel Sophie Larsdatter Oct 29, 1846. She was born Sept 15, 1824 at Osebakken, which is today a part of the town Porsgrunn, but in 1846 it belonged to Gjerpen. She was the daughter of carpenter Lars Arnesen from Fredrikshald and Ingeborg Kittilsdatter. Fredrikshald is today's Halden, a town in østfold, near the Swedish border.
In 1845 we find Edel Sophie as servant maid with a family at Houen in Gjerpen and at the same time we find Hans Andersen as "inderst" with a family at Ballestad Nordre. "Inderst" means that he only rented a room at someone's house.
Hans and Edel Sophie had one child born in Gjerpen before they emigrated in 1847.

1. Anna Jensine, born January 14, 1847 at Ballestad.

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