Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Sugar Creek Township, Walworth Co, Wisconsin - 1847.

Margith Pedersdatter: Born 1777 and baptized on Sunday May 25th in Gjerpen Church. Her parents lived on Godal in Luksefjell and their names were Peder Bastiansen and Sønnoug Brynildsdatte. There is a probate for the mother dated 1802 on the place S. Teigen under Mo. Look at S. Teigen under Mo.
Margith married Jens Nielsen Moe (born 1770), on Sept 28, 1802. He was the son of Niels Andersen Moe (d. 1808) and Karen Jensdatter (d. 1779). They were married in 1859. In 1808, when her husband dies, she is called Karen Hansdatter.
Margith and Jens had the following children. All seem to have been born on S. Teigen under Moe.
1. Niels, born 1804 (bapt Oct 21).
2. Peder, born 1808 (bapt Sept 18).
3. Niels, born Sept 23, 1811.
4. Sara, born Sept 22, 1814.
5. Maren, born Dec 17, 1816.
6. Lars, born Dec 14, 1818. Married Maria Jacobsdatter, and he died Oct 14, 1887.

In 1835 we find this family on Teigen.
Teigen søndre, place under Moe.
Jens Nielsen, married, cottager, age 66.
Margith Pedersdatter, married, age 59.
Niels Jensen, age 24.
Sara Jensdatter, age 21.
Lars Jensen, age 17.

In 1845:
Teigen Søndre
Margith Pedersdatter, widow, cottager, age 68.
Lars Jensen, son, "inderst", married, age 27.
Maren Jacobsdatter, married, age 21.
John Thorkildsen, servant, age 18.
Ingeborg Torgersdatter, servant, age 19.

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