Utreist med/ Emigrated on:

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: USA - 1847.

Berthe Marie Nielsdatter: Born March 31, 1823 on Brekkejordet, close to Skien. Brekkejordet belongs today to Skien, but was then
a part of the farm Brekke in Gjerpen. Her parents were Niels Axelsen and Anne Kirstine Saamundsdatter.
Her brother Andreas Nilsen emigrated in May 1843.

Familie 17 - N. Brekke 1845.

In 1845 we find the family in house number 16 under Nordre Brekke.
Anne Christine Saamundsdatter, widow, age 55
Berthe Marie Nielsdatter, age 22
Maren Nielsdatter, age 19
Johannes Nielsen, age 15
Christine Nielsdatter, age 10

Niels Axelsen came from the farm Hyni in Gjerpen and were engaged to Anne Christine Saamundsdatter from Brekkejordet May 22, 1814. They married July 28th 1814.

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