Lars Larsen Aabye

Utreist med/ Emigrated on: "Bowditch" May 12 1846.

The ship, BOWDITCH, shown leaving Le Havre, France -
from a watercolour painting by Montardier, Le Havre
She was an American ship, 398 tons, built 1823 at Massachusetts.

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Muskego settlement, Racine Co., WI, going later to Jo Daviess Co., IL

Lars Larsen Aabye: He was probably born August 11, 1778 as the son of Lars Jacobsen and Johana Gautesdatter Rogn in Bamble parish.  When he got married October 5, 1810 he lived in Solum parish. He married Kirsten Larsdatter Kjerringteigen, who was born January 4, 1789 at Kjerringteigen in Solum. Her father was Lars Torstensen Kjerringteigen and Berte Olsdatter.

Lars and Kirsten had the following children, all born in Norway:
Lars                     b. Aug 16, 1813 in Solum (Kjerringteigen). He married July 16, 1841 in Sandar, Vestfold to Børte Sørensdatter  b. ca. 1806
Abraham            b. Sept. 9, 1815 in Solum (Kjerringteigen). Lived in 1860 in Galena, Illinois.
Ole                       b. Oct. 10, 1817 in Solum (Gjemsø)
Bendix                 b. Jan. 1, 1822 in Solum (Gjemsø) He moved from Solum to Meen in Gjerpen Nov 30, 1836.
Hans Andreas   b.July 4, 1824 in Gjerpen (Meen)
Berthea Gurine  b. Dec 31, 1826 in Gjerpen (Meen)
Carl                      b. 1829 in Gjerpen (Meen). He died Nov 22, 1844.
Laurits                 b. March 22, 1831 in Gjerpen (Meen). Lived in Galene, Illinois in 1860..
Kirsten Maria      b. March 22, 1831 in Gjerpen (Meen). Lived in Galena, Illinois in 1850.
Christian              b. Febr 13, 1835 in Gjerpen (Meen).

The family moved to Meen farm in Gjerpen in 1823. They lived there both in 1835 and 1845. The twins Laurits and Kirsten Marie
lives in 1845 in their brother Lars' home as foster-children.

Lars Larsen b. 1813 and wife Børte Sørensdatter also emigrated in 1846 together with his parents and siblings.
He first settled in Muskego, Wisconsin, a month later he moved to Galena, Jo Daviess Co., Illinois. He died July 8, 1858. 
He used the name Obey/Obye in America.
Børte was the daughter of Søren Sørensen Kjær and Inger Marie Carlsdatter, born probably in Sandar in Vestfold around 1816-17.
Lars and Børte moved to Gjerpen in 1842. In 1862 they moved to St. Ansgar in Indiana, where Børte died November 23, 1891, and
is buried at St. Ansgar Cemetery, Mitchell Co, IA.

They had the following children:
Lars                       b. Febr. 2, 1844. He moved with his parents to St. Ansgar in 1862, but moved further west in 1877, living in
                              in 1891 in Spokane Falls, Washington. Died in Oregon in december 1911.
Inger Kirstine     b. April 28, 1846. She was a teacher and used the name Chrissie L. Obye. She died in Modale, Indiana, April 2, 1915
                             She was buried in the St. Ansgar Cemetery, Mitchell Co., Indiana.

In the local newspaper "Correspondenten" there was a short note on january 10, 1852 under "Deaths".

Death of father and father-in-law Lars Larsen Aabye, July 30, last year, age 73, in the state of Illinois in North-America.
O. Riis                  Maren Riis (born Aabye)


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