Anders Larsen Svartangen

Utreist med/ Emigrated on: "Bowditch" May 12 1846.

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Clyman Township, Dodge Co, Wisconsin - 1846.

Anders Larsen was born July 16, 1809 on Svarttangen under Meen. His parents were Lars Hansen Svarttangen and Inger Halvorsdatter, so he was the brother of Lars Larsen Svartangen who also emigrated on the "Bowditch" in 1846. He married Anne Margrethe Halvorsdatter Bjørntvedt June 25, 1830. She was born March 24, 1811 in Solum by parents Halvor Svennungsen Frønes and Elen Olsdatter. They settled in Solum and all their children was born there.
They had the following children:
Lars born March 22, 1831 and died April 30, 1835.
Lars Elias born Sept 6, 1835, buried in Adams Co, Wisconsin.
Inger born Oct 13, 1844 and died during the voyage to America.

Children In America:
Ola born Nov 30, 1847, died Nov 13, 1930
Marianne born Febr 21, 1850, died Oct 6, 1879
Lewis born Jan 1854, died Sept 20, 1933

Anders Larsen lived in 1860 in Strongs Prairie, Adams Co, Wisconsin and by 1866 in Hixton Township, Jackson Co., Wisconsin.
He died in Price, Wisconsin February 28, 1895 and is buried at North Branch Cemetery, Springfield Township, Jackson Co. His wife Anne died in 1889 and is buried at Bog Slough Cemetery, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin.

Letter from America:

Dated Febr 25, 1863, Strongs Preirie, Adams Co, WI, U.S. of North America.

He writes to his highly beloved father and all relatives in our motherland.
We have so far written two letters, but have not received any letters from you; have for so many years heard nothing from you or about you. - We are longing to hear from you, although there is a matter laid down in the nature of man, that one wishes to know how former  friends are behaving in this world, even more of those who are related by blood. Even though one might hear that everything is not so good, it is better than uncertainty.

Thanks to God, we have done well; we live comfortably and have enough food and drink.
(Then he tells about his children, his animals etc. --- he has a couple of oxen for transportation).

Anders Larson Svartangen and Anne Margrethe Halvorsdatter.

          "His belowed father" died in 1821, 42 years before he wrote this letter, and 17 years before he made it to America (Gard Strøm).

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