Anders Christensen Grini

Utreist med/Emigrated on: "Sultan"

Utreist til/Emigrated to: USA - 1846.

Anders Christensen Grini: He was born on a small cottager's farm Einaren under Gulset in 1790, and baptized on October the 3rd in Gjerpen Church, Norway. His parents were Christen Einarsen and Aase Nirisdatter. They married June 21, 1788.

He married Anne Kirstine Nielsdatter Wenstøb in 1819. They were engaged on March 13. She was baptized October 21, 1792 on Wenstøb, and here parents were Niels Christophersen Wenstøb and Kirsten Christensdatter, married Nov 1, 1783.
They both worked at the farm S. Grini(1) for a while. Hence the name Grini.
Anders and Anne Kirstine had 3 children:
Niels, born ca. 1820
Kirsten Andrea, born 1826, emigrated with parents.
Christen, born ca 1829, emigrated with parents.

Anders was called "Anders C. Gummi" in the passenger lists.

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