Niels Nielsen Strømdal

Utreist med/ Emigrated on: the American wessel "Bowditch" from Le Havre, France - Arrived in New York August 8th, 1846.

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: USA - 1846. 

        Niels Nielsen Strømdal: Niels is said to be born ca 1811 in Skien. He married October 5th, 1837 to Anne Margrethe Nielsdatter.
        She was baptized in Gjerpen on June 7th, 1807. His parents was Niels Jacobsen Strømdal and Anne Larsdatter Meen.
        Best-men at their wedding were Niels Olsen from Skien and Niels Jacobsen Strømdal.       
        They had the following children born in Norway:
        Niels Jacob Nielsen, born at Strømdal September 28th, 1839.
        Anne Maria Nielsdatter, born at Strømdal April 20th, 1845.

        According to the 1845 census Niels was a crofter who owned no land. 
        See Familie 1 - Strømdal 1845.  

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