Utreist med/ Emigrated on: "Louis Phillippe" from Le Havre

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin - 1845.

Ole Jansen Mauraasen: He was born in 1781 on Mauraasen(10) under Tufte in Gjerpen, Norway by parents Jan Olsen and Kirsten Engebretsdatter who he married May 26, 1781. Ole was baptised in Gjerpen church August 5. He married Sept. 21st. 1815 to Ingeborg
Engebretsdatter from Rosvald, who was born 1777. She was the daughter of Engebret Solvesen and Giøran Sondresdatter.
Ole and Ingeborg had the following children:

Kirsten Olsdatter b. May 13, 1816 on Mauraasen. She married March 17, 1842 Even Henriksen Fossum. She died Oct 1, 1847.
Niels b. Febr 1, 1818 on Mauraasen. Died young.
Niels Olsen b. Aug 6, 1819 on Mauraasen. He married Karen Susanne Jensdatter from Solum, who emigrated in 1847.

Ole died Oct 27, 1845 and was buried in Ashippun.

1. Ole Jansen Mauraasen (Naaatov) (1781 to 10-27-1845) Born on Mauraasen under Tufte, Gjerpen to Jan Olsen Mauraasen & Kirsten Engebretsdatter who were married on 5-26-1781. Ole was baptized on 8-5-1781 in Gjerpen kirke. Ole m. Ingeborg Engebretsdatter Rosvald b. 1777, daughter of Engebret Solvesen & Gioran (Joran) Sondresdatter on 9-21-1815 in Gjerpen. (See Roswald, Solve Ingebretson file.) Bestmen at the wedding were: Jan Olsen u/Tufte and Solve Engebretsen Rosvald. Kirsten moved to Tufte after her marriage to Ole. Ingeborg's brother Solve was the leasor of Rosvald (nr. 24). He was married to Karen Gundersdatter and had six children; Karen, Engebregt, Gunder, Maren Kristine, Halvor, and Anne. (See Solve Ingebretson Roswald file.) At some point after 1801 and before 1835 Ole acquired Mauraasen u/Tufte 1 skinn. In addition to farming, he also worked as a shoemaker. Tufte (gr. nr. 54) in Gjerpen was cleared in the later Iron Age and was divided into two sections in 1665, three sections in 1784, and four in 1810. The land tax in 1672 was 12 hud. Mauraasen was one of nine husmannsplasser on this gÂrd. Ole, Ingeborg, and son, Niels, immigrated to Ashippun on the Louis Phillippe from Le Havre in 1845 with wife’s brother, Solve, and other relatives. Ole, his wife and their son, Niels are recorded as leaving the Gjerpen parish 23 May 1845. His daughter Kirsten, her husband and their two children also moved from Gjerpen on the same date. Ole settled in Ashippun Township, Dodge County, Wisconsin. Ole is buried at St. John’s, I believe. 2. Kirsten Olsdatter Naatov (5-13-1816 to 10-1-1847) m. Even Henrikson Torpen Fossum (3-15 or 7-1818 to ?) on 3-17-1842. Even was the son of Henrik Evenson & Maria Jensdatter. Even, Kirsten, & their two children immigrated with Kirsten’s parents on the Louis Phillippe in 1845 and came to Pine Lake the same year. Kirsten & Even moved from Delafield to Crow Lake Township, Stearns Co., Minn. in 1866. Even remarried after Kirsten’s death to Mari ?. Even Henrikson and wife, Kirsten, are found in Pine Lake church records

Text in italics supplied by Roger Johnsen of Ashippun Township in Dodge County.

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