Utreist med/ Emigrated on: "Louis Phillippe" from Le Havre

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin - 1845.

Gunder Solvesen Rosvald:  He was born on Rosvald in Gjerpen December 6, 1817. His parents were Solve Engebretsen and Karen Gundersdatter.  He married ca 1845 to Maria Jacobsdatter Dyrendal, who was born December 1, 1823 by parents Jacob Madsen Fossum and Kirsti Johannesdatter. Dyrendal is a small place under Fossum. Gunder and Maria had the following children born in America:    Karen Kirsten (Caroline) 		b. Nov 10, 1847    Maren Andrea                		b. 1850     died Febr 5, 1851    Severin                             		b. Nov 22, 1851    Jakob                                		b. Apr 3, 1854    Edward Martin                		b. Jan 31, 1856    Hans Andreas                 		b. Mar 31, 1858    Hilda Marie                      		b. Sep 12, 1860    John Gustaf                     		b. Apr 23, 1863    Charles A.                        		died 1866 (?)Gunder died April 19, 1897 and Maria died July 27, 1895. They are both buried in the Ashippun Lutheran Cemetery.

I have received the following from Roger Johnson of Ashippun settlement in Dodge County, Wisconsin
Thank you, Roger

(See Halvor & Ingebret Solveson file & Solve Ingebretsen Roswald file.)

1. Solve Engebretsen Rosvald & Karen Gundersdatter (abt. 1789 to 7-11-1858 at the age of 69) Immigrated to Ashippun in 1845. Present on Sep. 21, 1845 per Communicants records and in Dec., 1846 in St. Olaf’s Parish per baptism records.
Said to have immigrated in 1845. His wife was recorded as Marthe Alfsdatter Roswald. b. 1803.
Marthe Roswald present in Dec., 1846 in St. Olaf’s Parish per baptism records.
Solve Engebretsen was Halvor Solveson’s father and was married to Karen Engebretsen per Halvor’s marriage records. Halvor was married three times. (Karen Gundersdatter per Jan Christensen in Norway).

2. Gunder Solvesen Rosvald (12-6-1817 to 4-19-1897.) m. Maria Jacobsdatter Dyrendal (1823 to 7-27-1895) Gunder Solveson Roswald was born on the farm Rosvald in Gjerpen on Dec. 6, 1817 . He immigrated in 1846 (1m) with Maria Jacobsdatter per church records. He married Maria (Marie) Jacobsdatter Dyrendal. Dyrendal is a small place under Fossum in Gjerpen. They came to Ashippun. They had 6 boys & 1 girl per her obituary in 1895. Maria was confirmed here in 1846. Gunder Solvesen Roswald & wife, Maria
Jacobsdatter Roswald were added to list of St. Olaf’s communicants in Oct. 1846 per Communicants records. Present in Sep., 1849. Sponsor for Thorbjor Rolefson. Gunder settled around Toland first. Then bought 80 acres for $500 in 1853, the S1/2 NE1/4 Sec. 35, on Norwegian Rd. (Gagliano farm). He later bought some from Miles in the N1/2 NE1/4 Sec. 35. Miles also owned the Milton Mason place. (per George Solveson).
Gunder Solveson was elected trustee at St. Olaf’s in 1867. He was a good carpenter. George Solveson said Gunder’s inlaw descendants, the Jacobsens, are in Pierce Cty. Obit: Mrs. Marca Solveson, wife of Gunder, died in 1895. She was 72. She married Gunder in 1845 after immigrating and moved at once to Alderly. They had 7 children (6 boys and 1 girl). The boys were Andrew and Martin of this city, John and Charles still at home, and Jacob and Severin of Pierce Co. (grave stone) Gunder Solveson 1817 - 1897, Jose Solveson 1868 - 1902 (1st. wife of Charles), Charles A. Solveson Nov. 16, 1865 - Aug. 11, 1937, Alvina Solveson May 8, 1871
- Apr. 24, 1960 (2nd wife of Charles).

3. Karen Kersten (Caroline) b. 11-10-1847 in St. Olaf’s Parish. Married Ole Rosholt b. 1842 on 4-2-1870. (Arrived with parents in St. Olaf’s Parish in 1846 per St. Olaf’s family records. Not listed in mother’s obit. in 1895).
3. Bernard 1849 - ? (who is this? Not listed in mother’s obit. in 1895. Must have died before G.S.)
3. Maren Andrea (1850 to 2-5-1851) Buried at Gasmann Cemetery. Later moved to St. Paul’s.
3. Severin b. 11-22-1851 & Bertha Jensen - Ellsworth
3. Jacob (4-3-1854 to ) - Pierce County
3. Edward Martin (Jan. 31, 1856 - Nov. 4, 1943) - Owned lumber yard in Ocon. with brother in law, Ole Rosholt. lnut & Pleasant in Oconomowoc, Wis. He built it. Lumber yard was in back of Wingers. Mayor of Ocon. E. Martin Solveson is an ex mayor of the city (Oconomowoc) and has gained knowledge of municipal affairs through that source. His election to the office of alderman from the third ward was a wise choice in as much as he represents the public spirited citizens of that ward
and those desirous of advancing the city’s interests. Mr. Solveson was born near Alderley 43 years ago and was a schoolmate of Ald. Derse. Six years of Mr. Solveson’s life was spent in Colorado where he was engaged in the mining and lumber business. In 1884 he came to Oconomowoc and in company with Ole
Rosholt, bought the lumber yard known as the Vilas & Company yard and the firm has since continued a successful business. Mr. Solveson is the present chief
of the Oconomowoc Volunteer fire department and is an ex treasurer of the city. (per newspaper 1899).
Children: none
3. Hans Andreas (Andrew) (Mar. 31, 1858 - ?) Clerk in an Oconomowoc lumber yard. Married Laura Johnson b. 1858 on Nov. 12, 1885, daughter of Johannes Olson and Aaske Johannesen. Laura born in Norway.
    4. Clara
    4. Melvin
3. Hilda Marie b. 9-12-1860.
3. John Gustof (Apr. 23, 1863 - Feb. 27, 1938) - Rubicon. Married Emma Olava Ellingson (Charlie’s sister) (Nov. 1, 1876 - Jul. 18, 1941) daughter of Halvor Ellingson and Thorjor (Sarah) Rolefson.
   4. Lester
3. Carl Alford (Charles) - Alderly (Nov. 16, 1865 - Aug. 11, 1937) married Ingeborg Emilia Josephine Nelson (Mar. 19, 1868 - Feb. 6, 1902) on Jan. 18, 1894.
(See Nels Theodore Nelson file.) Carl (Charles) Alford’s middle name is also listed as Alfredo. He died of cardiovascular disease. He was milking cows and
stepped across the gutter and fell down and broke a hip. He never got back up and died later.
   4. George Theodore (Jan. 10, 1895 - Feb. 23, 1987) m. Evelyn Rolefson on 5.8.1918 at the Stone Bank parsonage.
       (See Ole Rolefson file) SOLVESON, George Solveson and Leonard Rolefson (brother in law - see Ole Rolefson file) were drafted and selected for the
       same company. They served in the infantry in France. George and some others were resting in a ditch behind a rigged up board barrier at 11 PM. A shell
       exploded and George felt warm around the knee while cold everywhere else because of the mud and rain. Shell fragments hit him in the left leg above the
       kneee and in the foot. He had only been there a couple months. Leonard was hospitalized for poison gas but rejoined his unit for awhile before his discharge.
          5. Maurice George (8-29-1921 to 1996) m. Mabel Radtke.
   4. Harvey Maurice Sep. 5, 1900 - ?. M. Alice Borchart on 5-26-1926
Ingeborg then died and Carl Alford married Alvina Holz (May 8, 1871 - Apr. 24, 1960). Alvina was born in Stettin, Germany to Ludwig Holz and Hennrietta Mass.
4. Carl Nov. 26, 1911 - ? m. Adeline ?
5.. Ann Marie
5. Charlotte
5. Carl Jr.
2. Maren Kirstine Solvesdatter m. Christen Christophersen Rod (See Christen Christophersen file.)
2. Halvor Solveson Rosvald (See his file.)
2. Ingebret Solveson Rosvald (See his file.)

Above children of Gunder checked in St. Olaf’s birth records. All but Karin, Bernard, & Carl Alford are listed.

 1997 - Skien Genealogical page - by Jan Christensen.