Ole Peter Johannesen Baugerød

Utreist med/ Emigrated on: the "WASHINGTON".

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Pine Lake , Wisconsin - 1844.

(Ole Peter Petersen) (11-19-1829 to 9-6-1899)  Born in Gjerpen to Johannes Petersen Baugerud & Anne Olsdatter Boe.   He immigrated to the Pine Lake area in 1844 on the Washington. m. Karen (Caroline) Maria Knudsdatter Rod (10-7-1848 to 12-26-1896), daughter of Knud Olsen Rod & Maria Larsdatter, on 10-28-1869.  She immigrated from Siljan in 1869.  They lived in the Town of Oconomowoc in 1880 per census.  Ole died of dysentary.  Both are buried at St. Johnís.  I have a picture of Ole, Karen, and their son, Christ Peterson.
     2.  Anna Petersen (10-12-1870 to 10-4-1945)  m. Martin Rollefson  (See Rolefson file in Roger Johnson family files for continuation.)
     2.  Jacob Petersen  (7-18-1872 to 6-12-1952)  m. Caroline Jacobson (See Jakob Larsen Snurren file.)  Caroline was the daughter of Maren Helvig Nilsen Holte  (6-9-1845 to 6-29-1905 or 2-19-1905) who immigrated in 1866 and Jakob Larsen Snurren (Jacobsen) who immigrated in 1857.  Buried at St. Johnís.  Jacob was organist at St. Johnís Church beginning in 1888 and a County Supervisor in 1900.  Jacobís parents, Ole Peter and Karen Petersen Baugerud came to America in 1844.  The Peterson brothers, (Jacob, Peter, & Christian) married Jacobson sisters (Caroline, Emma, & Ida). 
          3.  Ella Mathilda Petersen  (9-12-1903 to 2-16-1960)  m. Lewis Edwin           Christenson of Spokane, Wa. b. 1902.  Ella died in River Falls, Wi. & is buried at South Rush River, Pierce Co., Wi.  They farmed in Spring Valley, Wis. for many years.  They moved to River Falls where Ed was a mason.
               4.  James C. Christenson  b. 5-18-1935 in Ellsworth  m. Karen Olson of Osseo, Wi.
                    5.  Eric Christenson  b. 11-12-1960 in London,      England.  m. Margit Rui.  They moved to Norway.  Hydrolic Engineer.
                         6.  Augond
                         6.  Kari
                         6.  Eivind  b. 10-1990
                    5.  Solveig Ann Christenson  b. 8-31-1963 in Ann Arbor.  Degree in Water Management.  m. Randall Schick
                    5.  Bjorn John Christenson  b. 5-21-1966 at           Seattle.
               4.  Raymond Christenson  b. 1-18-1942 at Spring Valley, Wi.  m. Bonnie Buck of Chicago.
                    5.  Craig Christenson  b. 11-16-1966
                    5.  Brian Christenson  b. 6-30-1969  m. Kay ?
          3.  Elmer John Petersen  (1-1-1905 to 1984)  m. Cora Laurella Christenson of Ellsworth (9-16-1911 to 1984).  Buried at St. Johnís.
               4.  JoAnn  Laurette Petersen  b. 11-2-1937  m. John Frey & Robert Williams
                    5.  Robert Allen Frey  b. 10-10-1956
                    5.  John Raymond Frey  b. 6-25-1958  m. Claudia Haupto & Dawn Brown
                         6.  Denise Mikkelson by Dawn                Mikkelson
                         6.  John Frey Jr.  b. 10-24-80
                         6.  Nichole Frey by  b. 6-19-82 by           Debbie Heinish
                         6.  Erin Frey  b. 11-30-87
                         6.  Amanda Frey  b. 5-7-89 
               4.  Phillip John Petersen  (12-6-1938 to 6-23-1961)
               4.  Harold Eugene Petersen  b. 4-4-1940  Missionary pastor in Ethiopia & Madagascar.  m. Susan Kay Leidal b. 1-31-1942 of Minneapolis                                     5.  Phillip Petersen  b. 11-18-1971
                    5.  Timothy Petersen  b. 7-1-1973
                    5.  Samuel Petersen  b. 2-7-1975
                    5.  Seth Petersen  b. 4-17-1977
               4.  Miriam Christine Petersen  b. 3-16-1943  m. Wayne Perry b. 1938 of Arizona
                    5.  Peter Perry  b. 3-5-1971
                    5.  Christopher Perry  b. 12-20-1972
                    5.  Jennifer McElroy  b. 8-5-1976 (fosterchild)
                    5.  Jason McElroy  b. 8-5-1976 (fosterchild)
          3.  Mabel Dorette Petersen (7-10-1906 to 3-2-1970)  m. Ludvig Ray of Spring Valley on 11-5-1944.  Buried at St. Johnís.
          3.  Raymond Gilmore Petersen  (11-21-1908 to 7-21-1987)  Buried at St. Johnís.  He farmed his home place til retirement.
          3.  Rosalie Margaret Petersen (9-20-1911 to 1997)  Lived with brother, Raymond until his death.
          3.  Sylvia Caroline Petersen  (2-4-1916 to 12-25-1976)  m. Robert           Bungum
               4.  Stephen Bungum  b. 1940  m. Karin Billingsley & Diane Monogan
                    5.  Aiden (Humphry) Bungum  b. 1970
                    5.  Peter Bungum  b. 1977
          3.  Ruth Arleen Petersen  (8-24-1921 to 4-20-1928  Buried at St. Johns.
     2. Mary (Marie) Petersen  (1-22-1874 to 3-23-1955)  m. Oscar Jensen, brother of Lewis Jensen below.  (See Johnson family tree and Ingebretsen lineage in Roger Johnson family file.)  (See Lars Jensen file for continuation.)
     2.  Christian H. Petersen (3-28-1876 to 3-21-1955)  m. Ida Mathilda Jacobson a daughter of Jacob Larson Snurren.  (See Jakob Larsen Snurren file.)  Peterson brothers (Jacob, Peter, & Christian) married Jacobson sisters (Caroline, Emma, & Ida).
          3.  Alma Loretta Petersen  (9-29-1903 to 1-27-1977)  m. Halvor Neuman Olson (5-31-1902 to 6-6-1984) a son of Ole Olson.  (Jens Olson Kise file for continuation.)  Buried at St. Johnís.
          3.  Edna Mildred Petersen  (8-19-1906 to 10-23-1974)  Buried at St. Olafís or St. Johnís.
          3.  Ellsworth Helmer Peterson  (10-14-1910 to 5-25-1968)  Buried at St. Olafís.
          3.  Elmyra Harriet Petersen  (10-14-1910 to ?)  m. Arthur           Ramse.   North Dakota & Minnesota
               4.  Benjamin Ramse  b. 8-8-1942
               4.  Paul Ramse  b. 3-27-1944  m. Shirley Aasboe
                    5.  Karen Ramse  b.  9-12-1978
                    5.  Nathan Ramse  b.  4-6-1980
                    5.  Daniel Ramse  b. 1982
                    5.  Joshua Ramse  b. 1985
               4.  David Ramse  b. 7-30-1945  m.  Miriam Dynneson
                    5.  Kayla Ramse  b. 5-10-1983
                    5.  Jonathan Ramse  b. 1-14-1986
     2.  Peter Petersen (2-9-1878 to 9-11-1946)  m. Emma Jacobson (Petersen)
d. 6-1938 a daughter of Jakob Larson Snurren on 2-14-1920.  The Peterson brothers, (Jacob, Peter, & Christian) married Jacobson sisters (Caroline, Emma, & Ida).  (See Jacob Larson Snurren file.)  Peter was a life long member of St. Johnís at Stone Bank.  They lived on a farm north of Stone Bank from time of their marriage to his death. 
          3.  Robert Petersen  b. 9-23-1921  Died same day.
          3.  Naomi Petersen  b. 5-10-1926  m. Rev. Ole Winter of Cedar Falls, Ia.
               4.  Mark Winter  b. 1-19-1955  m. Annette Evenson of      Redway, Ca.
                    5.  Dane  b. 2-20-87 in Thousand Oaks, Ca.
                    5.  Haley  b. 11-16-90  in Thousand Oaks
                    5.  Rebecca  b. 11-16-90 in Thousand Oaks
               4.  David Winter  b. 3-13-1957  m. Martha Bruland of           Eugene, Or.
               4.  Larry Winter  b. 1959  m. Jane Lee
               4.  Kathryn Winter  b. 1962  m. Jim Thomsen

     2.  Hilda Petersen  (1-31-1880 to 5-19-1933)
     2.  Emma Petersen  (6-26-1882 to 10-26-1977)  m. Lewis Jensen, son of Lars Jensen and brother of Oscar Jensen above.  (See Oscar Jensen file for continuation.)  (See Johnson family tree and Ingebretsen lineage in Roger Johnson family files.)
     2.  Lewis Petersen  (8-18-1885 to 7-13-1958)  m. Ruby Ireland
          3.  Lenore Petersen  m. Christy Christensen  (Mapleton Lumber & Fuel)
               4.  Stanley Christensen
               4.  Sally Christensen
          3.  Byron Petersen  m. Lorraine Wogsland
               4.  Charles Petersen
               4.  Jerry Petersen
               4.  Ronald Petersen
     2.  Henry Petersen  (12-1-1888 to 8-5-1970)  m. Mamie Stark
          3.  Gladys Petersen  m. Charles Edwards 
          3.  Donald Petersen  m. Blodwin (Boots) Griffith.  She was a sister of Mary Rollefson above.  (See Ole Rolefson file in Roger Johnson family files.)
          3.  Eileen Petersen  m. James Bente

All information supplied by Roger Johnson of Ashippun Township in Dodge Co., Wisconsin.

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