Ole Tolvsen Grønsten

Utreist med/ Emigrated on: on the bark "Washington" and arrived in New York July 9th

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Whitewater, Walworth Co, Wisconsin - 1844.

Ole Tolvsen Grønsten:  In the census of 1835 we find on the farm Grønsten under Bøe in Gjerpen parish:	Tolv Nielsen (grandfather)		age 71	Ole Tolvsen			age 40	Karen Andersdatter		age 39	Niels Olsen			age 13	Anne Olsdatter			age 12	Karen Kirstine Olsdatter		age 10	The family owned 2 cows and 2 sheep and could grow 1/8 barrels of barley and 6/8 of oats.	The daughter Karen Kirstine later married Anders Johnsen Wale (Andrew Johnson), who had come to Walworth Co. with his parents and siblings. They had landed in New York July 5, 1844 on the vessel "Salvator" from Porsgrunn.His father was Ole Jonsen Wale, born Feb 20, 1784 in Valebø of Holla parish. Mother was Anne Andersdatter Brenne. 

Parts of the above information was supplied by  Greg Johnson.THANKS VERY MUCH, Greg.

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