Utreist med/ Emigrated on: Salvator

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin - 1844.

Christen Christophersen Rød:  Christen was born July 13, 1813 on the place Rød which belonged to the farm Kise of Gjerpen parish in Norway. He was baptised on July 18 in Gjerpen church. His parents were Christopher Hansen Rød and Magnild Christensdatter. They had married in 1813. Christen first mariied Randi Hansdatter, but after she died he married November 3, 1842 Maren Kirstine Solvesdatter from Rosvald. She was born March 3, 1821 by parents Solve Engebretsen Rosvald and Karen Gundersdatter. Her brother Halvor also emigrated in 1844 and her fatherand stepmother left the next year, 1845.They had the following children:	Kirsten                     b. Dec 6, 1833 on Rød      She died July 27, 1845. 	Christopher             b. Dec 14, 1843 on Rød    He married July 17, 1880 Ingeborg Marie Næs from Siljan parish (1854-1929)  	                                                                                He died July 29, 1913.	                                                                                They had the following children in America: Maren Adah b. January 27, 1884,	                                                                                Alvin Sebastian b. January 20, 1886, Clarence Martin b. April 7, 1890. 	Karen Maria            b. April 10, 1848	Karen Andrea         b. July 20, 1853	Hans Severin           b. Aug 14, 1855	Kirsten Elise            b. May 6, 1858Christen died April 19, 1887 and Maren Kirstine on December 13, 1879. They are both buried in Ashippun Lutheran Cemetary.According to the book by Ulvestad, Christen and his wife were among the first pioneers in Dodge County.	

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