Utreist med/ Emigrated on: the "SALVATOR"

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Merton township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin - 1844.

Ellev Johnsen Bestul:  He was born in 1801 on the farm Gromstulen in Luksefjell in the upper part of Gjerpen. His parents were JonTorkildsen Gromstulen and Maren Torkildsdatter, and he was baptised December 26th. He married Ingeborg Engebretsdatter, who wasborn 1802. They has the following children:	Ingeborg                b. Jan 27, 1827 Luksefjeld           She married Aug 27, 1848 Ole Olsen Sætret from Gjerpen, who emigratet 1843.                                                                                                         She died May 8, 1860 and is buried in Stone Bank Luth. Cem.	John                        b. June 11, 1828 Luksefjeld        He married Dec 7, 1848 Martha Andrea Gregoriusdatter Tufte, who emigrated                                                                                                          from Gjerpen 1844. John died Oct 21, 1879 and is buried in the Spring Prairie                                                                                                         Luth. cem. Martha Andrea died already March 8, 1854 and John married again                                                                                                         June 1, 1855, to Ingeborg Olsdatter Brandt. There were 8 children in the second                                                                                                         marriage.	Ingebret	                b. Jan 15, 1830  Bestul                 He married May 28, 1856 Anne Margrete Pedersdatter Rød from Siljan. She had	                                                                                             emigrated 1849. They had at least 5 children.	Ole                          b. Dec 11, 1831 Bestul                  He married Sept 17, 1855 Sara Andrea Halvorsdatter. They had 1 child Ingeborg                                                                                                          Marie, b. May 12, 1856. Ole died July 5, 1857, ans Sara married again to Ole Olsen.	Gunhild                  b. Aug 25, 1833 Bestul                 She married Sept 17, 1855 Gregorius Eriksen Haugerød, who had emigrated from                                                                                                          Gjerpen in 1849. She died March 10, 1857      	Helvig                    b. Jan 22, 1836 Bestul                   She died May 6, 1837.	Ellef                        b. Dec 10, 1837 Bestul                  He never married. Went to California to seek for gold and died there.	Helvig                    b. June 30, 1840 Bestul                 She never married. She died January 27, 1860.	Anders                  b. Sept 24, 1842 Bestul                 Enlisted and died during the Civil War of diphtheria. Unmarried	Per                          b. Oct 11, 1844  America  	        Died Sept 23, 1845

From April Corinne Schaadt, b. Schaadt, of Santa Rosa, California, I have received a full family tree for the Bestul family. 
Thanks a lot April.


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