Utreist med/ Emigrated on: the "SALVATOR"

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: Delafield township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin - 1843.

Daniel Jacobsen Ballestad:  Daniel was born in 1801 and baptised on August 16 in Gjerpen church. His parents were Jacob Hansenand Karen Jonsdatter Løberg and they lived on the farm Nordre Ballestad in Gjerpen. He was married in 1830 to Anne Kirstine Olsdatter, who was born on Søndre Ballestad in 1807. She was baptised January 3, 1808 and her parents were Ole Torgrimsen Ballestad and Kirsten Erichsdatter Bøhle. Daniel died September 29, 1854 and Anne Kirstine on August 8, 1858. They are both buried at Stone Bank Lutheran Cemetery.They had 7 children, including 5 who were born in Norway:	Karen                b. Jan 4, 1831 on Ballestad.  She emigrated with her parents, married ? Larsen and lived in Chicago. 	Kirsten              b. March 23, 1834 on Ballestad. She emigrated with her parents and died already June 18, 1846.	Ingeborg           b. Nov 13, 1836 on Ballestad. She emigrated with her parents and died in 1895. She married February 21, 1863	                                Abraham Halvorsen Waller, who had emigrated from Eidanger parish in Telemark in 1846.	Maria                 b. June 2, 1839 on Ballestad. She emigrated with her parents and died Oct 27, 1899. She married January 22, 1861	                               Halvor Halvorsen Waller, who had emigrated from Eidanger in 1846.	Jacob                 b. July 16, 1842 on Ballestad. He emigrated with his parents. He attended Concordia College 1858-61, Luther	                               College 1864-65, Concordia Seminary 1867-70. He was  a teacher at Luther College from 1653-81. He married	                               1871 to Guro Gautesdatter Gulliksrud, the daughter of Gaute Ingebretsen Gulliksrud and Kari Sigurdsdatter	                               Grimsrud, who had emigrated from Tinn parish in northern Telemark in 1843. Guro was born Febr 26, 1847 and	                               she died June 27, 1929. There were at least three children:	                                Anna,  Daniel Gustav (b. Oct 23, 1877 - d. May 5, 1942) and Karl Theodor (b. Aug 28, 1879 - d. Jan 16, 1963)	Olof                   b. December 17, 1845	Niels                 b. December 17, 1845In "Ulvestad II" page 533 we can read that Daniel Jacobsen Ballestad emigrated from Gjerpen to Pine Lake in 1843. His son Jacob became priest and professor. His grandson Daniel G. Jacobsen was a priest in Fargo in North Dakota.

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