Utreist med/Emigrated on: the "SALVATOR"

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Oconomowoc township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin - 1843.

Jens Kollstrup Førre: He was born on Bratsberg farm in Gjerpen, Norway August 9, 1820. He was the son of Iver Christensen Førre and
Christence Sophie Monradsdatter. His father was a merchant from Skien, who lived in "Riise-gården" in Porsgrunn.
The History of The Town of Oconomowoc 1994 p.136 states that their names were Iver Henrickson Forre and Sophie Monrad.
It also states that he was a descendant of Jacob Hanson Monrad who was with dr. Martin Luther and he signed the "Confession of Augsburg
and the Book of Bergen".
Jens married Dorothea Kristoffersdatter February 11, 1844. She emigrated with Jens after they had been engaged. She was born in 1822. They had the following children: Iwar b. May 4, 1845 dead Sept 15, 1848 Christina Sophia b. Aug 1, 1847 She married Dec 15, 1869 to Andreas Pedersen at St. Luke's Parish acc. to St. Luke's marriage records. Ivar Christian b. Aug 22, 1849 dead Sept 18, 1850 Nicoline Simonine b. Aug 22, 1849 Elise Marie b. May 19, 1852 Pauline Henriette b. June 20, 1857 to 1917 She married Andrew Nelson (1849 to 1928)
Claurinde Bendicte b. April 23, 1861 Jens and Dorothea are both buried in Stone Bank Cemetary. He died December 3, 1903 and she September 28, 1868.
             Jens married Dorothea Kristoffersdatter February 11, 1844. This was the first marriage in Pine Lake Settlement. Jens and
             Dorothea are both buried in St. John’s Cemetary at Stone Bank.(

              (1) Part in Italics submitted by Roger Johnson of the Ashippun settlement in Dodge County, Wisconsin. 

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