Utreist med/ Emigrated on: the "SALVATOR"

Utreist til/ Emigrated to: USA - 1843.

Christen Jensen Riser: He was born Nov 3, 1818 on the farm Fossum by parents Jens Christensen and Anne Karine Hansdatter. In the census she is called Haagensdatter.
In the census of 1835 we find:Langgangen, plads under Fossum. Jens Christensen, g., huusmand, grubearb, 59     (huusmand = cotter)Anne Karine Haagensdatter,g.,57 	     (g. = gift (married))John Jensen,grubearb.,23 		     (grubearb(eider) = miner)Christen Jensen,grubearb.,17 Anne Dorthea Jensdatter,14Christen Jensen was a worker in the ironmines of Fossum, as was his father and brother. The name Riser is not known as a farm-namein Gjerpen, but one of the ironmines is called "Risegruva" (the Rise mine). The mine had also a second name "Skottegangen nordre"and was situated not too far away from  where the family lived.The family lived on a cotter's farm called "Langgang-plassen" a little north of Fossum, along the Bøe-river.

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