Utreist med/Emigrated on: the "ARGO"

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Strongs Prarie Twp., Adams Co., WIsconsin - 1843.

Isak Olsen Holm: He was born Sept 25 1823 on the farm Holm by parents Ole Isaksen Nærum and Anne Larsdatter 

From Mike Enerson of Bloomington, Illinois, I have got the following:

In Wisconsin, he married Marthe Peders. This was probably the same as Marthe
Pedersdatter who emigrated in 1849. I believe that she was the daughter of
Peder Johannesen Ingberg and Anne Kirstine Isaksdatter, born 17 Nov 1820.
She emigrated on the same voyage as Isak Olsen's father and his stepmother and
and Isak Olsen's siblings.

Isak and Marthe had four children:

Peter Otto Olson b. 13 Jun 1857 d. 19 Nov 1936
Adolph Olson b. 19 Jul 1859 d. 22 May 1923
Marie Ann Olson b. 15 Apr 1861 d. 7 Nov. 1863
Adaline Marie Olson b. 17 Sep 1864 d. 13 May 1931

Isak Olson and Marthe Peders had no grandchildren.

All of Isak Olson's siblings emigrated to Wisconsin. See the 1849 listings
for details.

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