Utreist med/Emigrated on: the "ARGO" which arrived in New York July 26 from Le Havre, France

Utreist til/Emigrated to: USA - 1843.

Torsten Henriksen Doxrd: He was born on the farm Doksrd in Gjerpen and baptised February 14, 1797 in Gjerpen church. His parents were Henric Torstensen Doxre (dead Oct 7, 1835) and Karen Tolvsdatter. They married 1792.He married February 7, 1822 Randi Jahnsdatter Stulen. She was born 1794 on the farm Stulen and baptised in Gjerpen church January 19. Her parents were Jan Tolvsen Stulen (b. 1757) and Kirsten Jacobsdatter (b. 1753). They married 1788.Torsten and Randi had the following children:	Markus                     b. Febr 8, 1822 Doxrd	Karen Kirstine         b. Aug 31, 1824 Doxrd	Johanne                    b. Nov 22, 1826 Doxrd                 d. Jan 14, 1840 	Anne                         b. Aug 12, 1829 Doxrd	Henrik                       b. Jan 25, 1832 Doxrd	Karen                        b. May 29, 1836 Doxrd	Halvor                       b. June 10, 1839 Doxrd

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