Utreist med/Emigrated on: the "ARGO" which arrived in New York July 26 from Le Havre, France

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Norway township, Racine Co., Wisconsin - 1843.

Halvor Engebregtsen Doxrd: He was born on the farm Doksrd in Gjerpen and baptised January 22, 1797 in Gjerpen church. His parents were Engelbert (Engebregt) Jostssn Doxrd and Inger Christensdatter.He married Anne Marie Eriksdatter December 28, 1826. Witnesses were Christen Isaksen Holm and Torstein Henriksen Doxrd.Anne Marie was born in 1805 on a place under Brekke Sndre and baptised September 29th. Her parents were Erich Thorssn andInger Pedersdatter.Halvor and Anne Marie had many children :	Inger                       b. July 7, 1827 Doxrd	Andrea                   b. Nov 13, 1828 Doxrd	Engebregt              b. Aug 3, 1830 Doxrd                      d. April 14, 1893   bur. at North Cape Luth Cem	Halvor                     b. July 26, 1832 Doxrd                    d. Dec 20, 1834 	Erik                          b. June 20, 1834 Doxrd                   d. before 1843	Halvor(*)                     b. June 19, 1835 Doxrd                   d. Oct 11, 1864 at Andersonville, Ga.  (*)	Erik                          b. July 23, 1837 Doxrd	Ingeborg Maria     b. Nov 2, 1839 Doxrd                     d. 1912	Anders                   b. April 6, 1842 Doxrd                    d. before 1845	Anders                   b. Febr 11, 1846 in America             d. January 21, 1938	Inger                       b. 1849 ?(*) Halvor served with the 15th Wisconsin Regiment in the Civil War. The 15th Wisconsin was composedalmost entirely of Norwegians and 118 of the men were named Ole. 
My Thanks to Scott Cantwell Meeker, who is responsible for the website of the 15th Wisconsin Regiment,
and who made me aware of the information about Halvor (Harvey Britton).

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