Utreist med/Emigrated on: the bark "SALVATOR"

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Ashippun township, Dodge Co., Wisconsin - 1843.

Erik Helgesen Foss: He was born on the farm Nordre Bøe in Gjerpen November 9, 1813 and baptised December 19th at Gjerpen church. His parents were Helge Larsen Nordre Bøe and Maren Johannesdatter. 
He married Kirsten Olsdatter Tufte on August 8th, 1845. She was born December 24th, 1811 on a place under the farm Søndre Brekke in Gjerpen. Her parents were Ole Gundersen and Inger Svendsdatter. Erik and Kirsten are both buried at Ashippun Lutheran Cemetary. He died January 9, 1867 and she on September 25, 1896. They had the following children: Maren Elise b. Oct. 8, 1848 Johanne b. March 28, 1854 Helene b. March 9, 1852 Helge b. April 8, 1847 died December 22, 1847 Erik was a farmer in Ashippun.

            ERIK HELGESEN FOSS: He is buried at St. Olaf’s Cemetery.
            They had the following children:
                Maren Elise b. Oct. 8, 1848
                Johanne b. March 28, 1854 m.
                Isak Larsen in 1882
                Helene b. March 9, 1852
                Helge b. April 8, 1847 died December 22, 1847
           Erik was a farmer at Ashippun. He settled on what is now the corner of Norwegian and Lincoln Roads in the Town of Ashippun.
             We have heard a story that he may have kept early settlers at his house over night much like running an inn for settlers looking for
              land to settle in the “Ashippun River Settlement”.(1)

          (1) Part in Italics submitted by Roger Johnson of the Ashippun settlement in Dodge County, Wisconsin.

-3. Helge ?
-2. Ole Helgeson m. Martha
    Paul Lived in Oslo & was member of an orchestra.
    Jacob He was a tailor in Flekkefjord in Western Norway.
    Borte Skotten ved Skien
    Ingeborg Maria m. Hans Nielsen Hauge Lived near Oslo. He was well known in Norway.
-2. Lars Helgeson m. Ingeborg Ostensdatter Her sister, Anna Kjistine was the mother of Lucas Engebretson. Lars was a miner four miles NW of Skien.
-1. Jacob A blacksmith m. Dorothy Madesdatter Dyrendal
    1. Maria First wife of Rasmus Engebretson Kyrkold
        2. Engebret Rasmussen who died 10-27-1856
        2. Jacob Rasmussen Immigrated to U.S. in 1856. Settled in Ashippun.
Enlisted in Co. 1, 29th Wis. Volunteers & served three years in Civil War. m. Anne K. Larson
            3. Maren Dorthea
            3. Richard L.
            3. John M.
            3. Ida Caroline
    1. Lars Blacksmith in Skien. m. Tone Hoppestul
    1. Mades Blacksmith in Skien.
-1. Barbara m. Lars Gullekson an amateur astronomer and prospector. They lived near Skien.
    1. Ingeborg Maria m. Ole Gulseth Farmed near Skien.
        2. Ole Gulseth Immigrated to U.S. & served in Civil War. Claimed land in Dakota.
    1. Gullek
    1. Lars
    1. Paul
-1. Osten Larsen Dyrkold b. 1791 m. Anne Margaret Engebretsdatter
    1. Karen Maria b. 5-11-1818
    1. Engebret Ostenson b. 6-11-1821 in Gjerpen m. Anne Olson Otterholt on 9-6-1846. He was in the army. Lived on Rosvald near Dyrkold for three years. Immigrated in 1849.
        2. Anne Margaret (6-25-1847 to 2-17-1875) m. Ole Peterson Amyrdokka. Farmed about five miles N.W. of Alderly.
            3. Caroline
            3. Emma Dorthy
            3. Olive
            3. Annie Margaret Died in infancy.
            3. Isaac b. 8-25-1867 Lawyer in Minneapolis. m. Gertrude Salisbury.
            3. Maria Elizabeth b. 7-2-1870 m. Frank D. Gunderson in Jan., 1891. (See Gunderson file.)
                4. Forrest Duane
                4. Isaac Lea
        2. Olin E. Ostenson Episcopal clergyman. m. Ida Holland
            3. One child who died in infancy.
        2. Lewis Ostenson m. Caroline Stenson. (See Stenson file.)
            3. Stella
            3. Annette
            3. Delia
            3. William Irving
            3. Edith Louisa
        2. Austin Ostenson (d. 6-9-1879) School teacher. m. Bettie Sanford daughter of John Sanford. (See Sanford file.) Lived on Hull farm.
        2. Mary Ostenson m. Christopher Nelson (d 2-28-1878) & Ole Anderson Mary and Ole lived in Town of Erin.
            3. Charles Martin Nelson Died at age 17.
            3. Emma
            3. Annie
            3. Mabel
            3. Edward Nelson
            3. Benjamin Nelson
            3. Josephine
        2. Emily (d. 11-12-1880) m. Christian Isaacson. (See Isaacson file.)
            3. Gunder m. Anna Stenson. (See Stenson file.) Farmed at Ashippun.
                4. Ruth
                4. Martha
                4. Hattie Louise
                4. Edwin Allen
        2. Gunder Ostenson Lived on home farm.
        2. Caroline d. at age three
        2. Martha d. at age three
        2. Esther Elizabeth Lived on home farm.
        2. Amelia Judith Died 4-15-1878 at age 13.
    1. Lars Ostenson b. 11-16-1827 (See Ostenson file.) Immigrated in 1849.Lived at Ashippun. m. Karen Maria Helgeson on 12-25-1849 by Rev. Martin Sorenson.
        2. Three children died in infancy.
        2. Maria Helena Ostenson m. Albert Christenson of Ellsworth
            3. Two sons died in infancy.
            3. Maria Berthea
            3. William Jason
-1. Ole Larsen Roningen m. Kari
-1. Halvor Larson m. Maren
-1. Helge Larsen Nordre Boe & Maren Johannesdatter Bo
    1. Lars m. Anna Helvek He died at age 43 in Norway.
        2. Holvor m. Anne Dorthea He was school master in Fossum.
        2. Ole
        2. Maren
    1. Karen Maria b. 2-11-1824 m. Lars Ostenson, her cousin. (See Ostenson file.)
        2. Three children died in infancy.
        2. Maria Helena Ostenson m. Albert Christenson of Ellsworth
            3. Two sons died in infancy.
            3. Maria Berthea
            3. William Jason
    1. Ingeborg m. Mades Furuvald They died in Norway
    1. Johannis (12-30-1830 to 5-15-1852)
    1. Helvig m. Halvor Olson Kise. Immigrated in 1869.
        2. Mary of Pierce Cty.
        2. Ole of Pierce Cty.
        2. Maria of Pierce Cty.
        2. Hannah of Pierce Cty.
        2. Josephine of Pierce Cty.
        2. Helvig of Pierce Cty.
        2. Henrietta of Pierce Cty.
        2. Ida of Pierce Cty.
    1. Erik Helgesen Foss (12-9-1815 [11-9-1813 per Jan Christensen] to 1-9-1867) He was born on the farm Nordre Boe in Gjerpen. m. Kisten Olsdatter Tufte (12-24-1811 to 9-25-1896) on 8-8-1845. She was born on a place under the farm Sondre Brekke in Gjerpen. Her parents were Ole Gundersen and Inger Svendsdatter. They were present in the St. Olaf’s area on Mar. 3, 1844 per St. Olaf’s communicants records. He lived at what is now the Ron Ruege farm across from Alderly School. (1/2 mi. from me) He was a farmer. Elected
Warden at St. Olaf’s on Nov. 22, 1847. Also elected secretary at the same time. Elected town treasurer in 1856. Perhaps first or one of the first Norwegians elected to a town office. Also served as Town Clerk, Assessor, and
Justice of the PeaCE. Lived in SW1/4 Sec. 25 in 1859 (northeast corner of Lincoln and Norwegian Rds). Repaired church roof in 1857. Elected first warden on Apr. 5, 1858. Trustee in 1865,66, and 67. They are buried at St. Olaf’s. Erik Helgeson was educated in Norway as a school master. He arrived in New York at the age of 30 in 1843 with his wife, living for some time in Michigan before moving to Ashippun. The Petersons and Ostensons walked from Peter Gasmann’s at Pine Lake to the Helgeson farm upon arrival in 1849 leaving their belongings at Gasmann’s. (per Aslak Peterson family history) He was related to the Petersons and/or Ostensons. I have heard or read somewhere that the Helgeson house was a sort of inn or staging place for other Norwegians arriving in the Ashippun River Settlement ie. they would stay there while finding land. (per R. Johnson)
Erik Helgesen and Kirstin Olsdatter Tufte had the following children:
        2. Helge (4-8-1847 to 12-22-1847)
        2. Maren Elise b. 10-8-1848
        2. Helene b. 3-9-1852
        2. Johanne b. 3-28-1854 m. Isaac Larson of Ellsworth.

(1.) Erik Helgesen Foss (12-9-1815 per St. Olaf’s records [11-9-1813 per Jan Christensen] to 1-9-1867)  He was 46 years old as recorded on the 1860 census.  He was born on the farm Nordre Boe in Gjerpen.  He was born in 1805 per 1850 census.  He was educated to be a schoolmaster.  m. Kisten (Kristen) Olsdatter Tufte (12-24-1811 per church records to 9-25-1896) on 8-19-1845 per Pine Lake church records.  No parents listed in marriage record.  Erik and Kisten were married at Gregorius Nielson Tufte’s house in the “Scandinavian Parish at Pine Lake”.  Kisten was born on a place under the farm Sondre Brekke in Gjerpen.  Her parents were Ole Gundersen Breche and Inger Svendsdatter.  Erik immigrated on the Salvator in 1843.  Kisten also immigrated on the Salvator in 1843.  They arrived in New York on July 4, 1843 amidst the waving of flags and other festivites.  It was a patriotic reception.  They came directly west and lived for a time in Michigan.  They encountered Indians in great numbers and had many interesting experiences with them.  He and another man went to the Indians for a health reason.  The Indians invited them to stay all night and they accepted.  In the morning they partook of an Indian breakfast which they did not greatly relish.  Erick associated with the Indians a great deal so that he learned their language and could converse with them.  They were present in the St. Olaf’s area on Mar. 3, 1844 per St. Olaf’s communicants records.  Erick Helgeson received a land grant for the SW1/4 SW1/4 Sec. 25 Town of Ashippun on 9-3-45.  Present in 1846 per census between J. Engebretson and L. Engebretson.  Chosen to Wardens at St. Olaf’s were Erick Helgeson and Hans Gasmann on 11-27-1847.  In 1848, Erick Helgeson owned the SW1/4SW1/4 Section 25 and the W1/2NE1/4SW1/4 Section 25.  He lived at what became the Ron Ruege farm across from Alderly School.  He was a farmer.  Elected Warden at St. Olaf’s on Nov. 22, 1847.  Also elected secretary at the same time.  Perhaps first or one of the first Norwegians elected to a town office.  Was Justice of the Peace in 1849.  Electec town supervisor for 1853 - 1854.  Elected town treasurer in 1856.   Also served as Town Clerk in 1863-66.  Also was an Assessor, and Justice of the Peace.  On April 13, 1857, St. Olaf’s church entered into a lengthy contract with Erik Helgeson and Peder Christopherson to reroof the south half of the church.  They were to furnish pine shingles, oak ridgecover, nails, and tools for $54.  There were three males and one female living at the Erick Hilgeson farm in 1855 per census.  The following is from the 1860 census:  Erick Helgeson 46  b. Norway, Kirsten 48  b. Norway, Mary 11  b. Wisconsin, Hannah 6  b. Wisconsin, & Ola Hanson 17 (male)  b. Norway.  Repaired St. Olaf’s church roof in 1857.  Elected first warden at St. Olaf’s on Apr. 5, 1858.  Trustee in 1865,66, and 67.  Erik Helgeson was educated in Norway as a school master.  He arrived in New York at the age of 30 in 1843 with his wife (to be), living for some time in Michigan before moving to Ashippun (source unknown).  The Petersons and Ostensons walked from Peter Gasmann’s at Pine Lake to the Helgeson farm upon arrival in 1849 leaving their belongings at Gasmann’s.  (per Aslak Peterson family history)  He was related to the Petersons and/or Ostensons.  Following is per Roger Johnson:  I have heard or read somewhere that the Helgeson house was a sort of inn or staging place for other Norwegians arriving in the Ashippun River Settlement ie. they would stay there while finding land.  Widow Helgeson owned the property in Sec. 25 in 1877 & 1880.  The tax rolls show a Chisty Helgeson there in 1885.  Mrs. Kisten Helgenson is listed for the property in 1890, 1895, 1905, & 1910.  James Derse is the next recorded owner of this property.  Erick and Kirsten are buried at St. Olaf’s.  The following is Kirstin’s obituary:  “In her home, a mile east of Alderly, Dodge County, Mrs. C. Helgerson died on Friday of last week at the age of 84 years and nine months.  She was one of the oldest settlers and leaves behind two daughters.  Her body was buried on Monday afternoon in the Norwegian Lutheran churchyard.”   See entries for Erik Helgson at end of this file.  We have a copy of Erik’s Intent To Become A Citizen document dated 1-2-1844 & his petition to become a naturalized citizen dated 2-26-1866 in our paper files sent by Joanna Peters.
          2.  Helge Helgeson (4-8-1847 to 12-22-1847)  (Per St. Olaf’s records.)
          2.  Maren (Mary) Elise Helgeson (10-8-1848 per St. Olaf’s records to 9-28-1935 per family history)  She grew up at Alderly and moved to Chicago where she was a dress maker.  Per 1880 census, she was a dress maker and lived with her mother, Kristen who was a widower and her sister, Johanna, in 1880.  She moved to Pierce Cty.  Maren died at Ellsworth at the home of Axel Christenson.  Maren is buried in Pierce Cty. in the South Rush River Cemetery.
          2.  Helene Helgeson b. 3-9-1852 per St. Olaf’s records & died in infancy.  St. Olaf’s death records show a child of Erik Helgeson who died in 1853.  This is probably Helene.
          2.  Johanne (Hannah) Helgeson (3-29-1854 per St. Olaf’s records to 8-13-1929 per family history & obituary).  He had three brothers & two sisters per obituary.  m. Isaac Larson (4-5-1854 to 7-9-1934) of Ellsworth.  (Isaac Larson, 28, (born at (Skien), Norway) son of Lars & Maren Hanson married Johanne Helgeson, 28, (born at Ashippun) daughter of Erik & Kirsti Helgeson on 12-21-1882 per St. Olaf’s records.)  Isaac immigrated with his parents and some siblings in 1869 per Gjerpen passport lists.  They settled in Dodge Cty.  He went to Ellsworth, Pierce Cty. in 1874 per obituary.  Per Peters ( on internet, Isaac accidently ran over Hannah with their car.  “Hannah and Isaac were really old - probably too old to have a car really. Anyway, he was starting it, and Hannah was behind it. My Dad says that cars were very loud then. Anyway, it started and Isaac (who was 75 years old - so was Hannah, too) backed over her. It's all in the obit (that was on the FRONT PAGE of the paper! He was very upset (obviously). I will send the obit. I guess it seems he never really got over it. I think he ended up living with a daughter until the end - no maybe a son in law.”   Johanne died at Ellsworth.  They are buried in Pierce Cty.  He died at the home of the Harry Rasmussons.
               3.  Alice Larson (5-12-1888 to 3-31-1935)  Born & died at Ellsworth.  m.  Axel Christenson (7-22-1886 to 8-30-1966).  Axel was a son of Gunder Christenson d. 1929 at age 83.  Axel died in Minn., Min.
                    4.  Clara Christenson (8-13-1919 to ?)  Born in Ellsworth, Wis.  m. ? Peterson & David H. Henry (1915 to 1976) & Dwight S. Hull (8-6-1912 to 5-7-1990)
                         5.  Susan Pauline Peterson b. 1943  m. Thomas Adlen Westhafer b. 1938
                              6.  Joanna Westhafer b. 1968  m. Martin Joseph Peters b. 1968
                                   7.  Martin Peters b. 1997
                                   7.  Susan Peters b. 1999
                              6.  Cindy Westhafer b. 1964  m. Matthew Leonard Christenson
                    4.  Florence Christenson (1926 to ?)  m. Charles (Bud) Kline (5-29-1919 to 9-2-1987) on 6-23-1944.
                         5.  Charles Kline Jr.
                         5.  Barbara Kline  m. Ira Smith
                         5.  Peggy Kline  m. Larry Hoyer
                    4.  Ione Christenson (10-7-1916 to 10-30-1998)  m. Leland Christenson (5-17-1910 to 10-12-1988)
                         5.  Kay Christenson (1939 to ?)  m. Lemoine Baker
                         5.  Joan Christenson  m. George Lantz
                              6.  Jan Lantz (1968 to ?)  m. Jamie ?
                                   7.  Jens Lantz
                                   7.  Anders Lantz
                         5.  Ann Christenson  m. Gaylen Leonard (9-1-1934 to 6-30-1996)
                              6.  Laura Leonard  m Sheldon Johnson
                                   7.  Reid Johnson
                                   7.  Mitchell Johnson
                              6.  Jane Leonard
                              6.  Tom Leonard
                    4.  Irwin Gordon Christenson (3-1-1914 to 2-12-1994)  m. Florence Roasa Myer
                         5.  Alice Christenson  m. James Butler
                              6.  Elizabeth Butler
                    4.  Raymond A. Christenson (4-5-1911 to 9-1975)  m. Cora Christopherson (1917 to ?)  (See Gunder Solveson file.)
                         5.  Gerald Christenson
                         5.  Judy Christenson  m. Donald Arneson
                    4.  Marvin Christenson
               3.  Frank M. Larson (4-26-1893 to 12-2-1956)  Born in Ellsworth.  Died in Minn., Minn.  m. Lucile M. Peterson (1-26-1895 to 12-21-1977) of Ellsworth.
               3.  Laura Erica Larson (1893 to 2-20-1961)  m. Harry Rasmusson (1889 to 3-15-1937)
                    4.  ? Rasmusson  m. Donald Dewey
                    4.  Dorrance Rasmusson
               3.  E. Ida Larson (10-23-1901 to 2-23-1988)  Died at Los Angeles.  m. Irvin Steen (10-6-1896 to 2-23-1988)
                    4.  Gretchen Steen  m. Cliff Hunsaker

FIRST ST. OLAF’S CHURCH MEETING NOV. 22, 1847:  (recorded & translated later)  This makes reference to Erick Helgeson.
     In the year 1847 on the 22nd of November, assembled all the male members of St. Olaf’s Parish where Pastor Unonius was chosen chairman and commenced the transaction with remarks and reading a translated copy of the constitution for the
Episcopal Church of Wisconsin.
     1st. Resolution:  Resolved that we should for the future remain and be organized as a Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation
     2nd Resolution:  Resolved that we should remain in communion with the Episcopal Church of Wisconsin.  That constitution was adopted with remarks with the first article.
     3rd Resolution:  Resolved that we as a Norwegian Lutheran church and congregation should in all principal points continue our old country’s church ceremonies and language with divine service and also use our old country’s principal books for religious purposes.
     Chosen to Wardens:  Erick Helgeson and Hans Gasmann
     Chosen to Vestry:  E. Bjornson, Chr. Sorenson, Chr. Moen, Rasmus Furuval, and Ole P. Lund.
     This above document, Mr. Unonius took with him home and promised to write a document of these contents in the English language for to be sent to the Register’s office to be recorded, and it was repeatedly said and perfectly understood that the church should be incorporated as aforesaid in the first and third resolutions and that the communion aforesaid could be dissolved whenever a majority wishing to do so.
     Mr. Unonius also at the same time offered us $100 which he said was given to the Scandinavian’s parish at Pine Lake and, as that congregation was dissolved, the money was under his disposal.  We told him we would not receive the money if it ever should be to any encumbrance on our church building which he assured us could not be the case, and he also offered us $20 himself if we would build the church 6 feet larger than the plan we then had prepared.  The $100 we received, but the $20 we never heard any more about.  A few days afterwards, Mr. Unonius came to Mr. Ole P. Lund saying he wanted him to sign as a witness the incorporation document.  Lund said he could not read it.  Mr. Unonius assured him it was of the same content as the resolutions passed at the last meeting.  Then Mr. Unonius went about a mile farther to Erick Helgeson where he made the same request and the same assurance and it was signed by both.  It was a curious way of getting witnesses but it is more curious to us how Mr. Unonius could happen to commit such a great blunder and incorporate the congregation under the Episcopal Church incorporation act when there was a Lutheran act passed, and he was instructed to incorporate the congregation according to the first and third resolutions aforesaid.  He was engaged as our agent to do the writing for us, and we gave him instruction in writing to go by.  When he goes beyond the instruction, it can not be binding for us.
     We think it now that it has been done willfully, fraudulently, deceitfully for thereby to deprive us of our church building if we should not be willing to submit to his authority.
     We have now showed how Mr. Unonius got his witnesses and how he has incorporated the congregation, but how he got the signature of the wardens and vestry is a question which we can not solve.  We believe the act says that the incorporation document should be signed by the wardens and vestry and acknowledged by before a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public or other persons authorized to take acknowledgement and signed by two witnesses for to make it legal.  That we told Mr. Unonius at our last meeting on the 5th, but he said that was a new act and not the one the congregation was incorporated under.  He said he had the signature of the wardens and vestry and that the congregation was just as he wanted it to be.  He said that the church should be closed up for us on the 14th of May next and that was said in a rather insulting manner, but that was not the first time he has used such language.
     Now in the 3rd resolution aforesaid, it says:  that we as a Norwegian Lutheran church and congregation should in all principal points continue our old country’s church ceremonies and language with divine service.  We wonder if Mr. Unonius himself knows what religion he is preaching and what ceremonies he uses.  We know plainly it is not Lutheran, and we do not believe it is Episcopal.  It is in our opinion a new mixed sect and also a mixed language using the Episcopal books and ceremonies.  Such we think is a violation and encroachment of the conduct upon our right according to the 3rd resolution aforesaid.  Now therefore it is our most humble and earnest request that the communion, if any has existed or exists between St. Olaf’s Church and the Episcopal Church of Wisconsin may be dissolved.

The following is part of a letter written Dec. 3, 1923 by Louis Ostenson:  (You have to grasp the whole story of the Episcopal / Norwegian Lutheran relationship at St. Olaf’s to understand what was going on.  I include it here only because it mentions Helgeson.)
Dear Cousin James (Peterson):
     I have sometimes thought that it would have been interesting if you had incorporated in your book “Hjalmar” some mention of the Norwegian Lutheran Church in Ashippun, how it was started and how it was switched away from the founders, the Episcopalians. 
     The early records of that church building and parish are still in the keeping of the now Luthern parishes in this vicinity.    
     Father told me that if it had not been for Hans Roe that St. Olaf’s church would still have belonged to the Episcopalians of the surrounding neighborhood. 
     There were Lutheran churches at Rock River, Stone Bank, and I think at Ocon., and some of the old Lutherans in our old neighborhood wanted to “be like” those other Lutheran people, have a Lutheran church.  So this is the way it was “pulled off”.  Hans Roe, encouraged by some others as the Solvesons, Erick Helgeson and others, went around among all the people of the parish with a paper for them to sign if they could, so he prevailed on them to do.  And in each of his coat pockets Mr. Hans Roe had a whiskey bottle to make it easier for the people to see the reasonableness of his arguments, or to take the place of any reason at all.  With these whiskey bottles he succeeded in getting a majority of the signatures in the parish, and so it was decided that it was no longer an Episcopalian parish but a Lutheran parish. 
     Father told me that Erick Helgeson was no better than any of the others.  And Father told me that if Hans Roe had not gone around with those two whiskey bottles in his pockets, he would not have been able to switch the parish over. 
     Bishop Kemper was a “peace loving man” and rather than to have any trouble, he let that Lutheran faction keep the building which they had gobbled and advised his remaining people to begin the building of another church for their own use.
     When I and my family came back from Racine, I remember Mary Helgeson when she called at our house on the farm that she upbraided the Episcopalians of our parish for having had a dance at Derse’s Hall in Alderley to raise money to with which to buy lamps for the new church.  The church, St. Paul’s, Ashippun, the new one, had not any lamps or fixed ones.  I did not deny the justice of her criticism or dispute her in any respect at all.
     Many years passed by, and I made a visit to Pierce County.  It was the same trip that I called and had such royal time at your summer home.  Then the last time in Pierce County, I called at Mary Helgeson’s.  I called up to her remembrance this conversation about those lamps.  I still did not deny the justness of her remark, but I asked her how much better the Lutherns were who had stolen or taken by violence or force a whole building that did not belong to them?
     She tried to make believe that this never was an Episcopal church.  Then in reply, I told her that her father, Erick, had been a delegate from this Episcopal Parish to the Annual Council of the Episcopal church in Milwaukee, and the record showed it, and his name was printed in the list of delegates for more than one council.  She then tried to make out that her father had been there to “protest” against the Episcopal church, etc.  But that was too flimsy and even silly.  Well, I had to leave for I had only a few minutes before my train was due, but I thought I would tell her some facts for her to think about, and to weigh in her mind which was the worse, the getting of the lamps in that way or the larceny of the whole church building and grounds.

Taxed voted to be raised on Sept. 24, 1855 was $112.00 for a school.  The families listed in the Alderly school district were:  Hans Gasman, August Gasman, Fin Gasman, Solomon Baker, Michael O’Neal, George Miller, Alexander Reid, Charles Marsh, Gunder Solveson, Isaac Hubbard, John Reid, Alexander Leslie, John Leslie, Anthony Derse, Gardner Wood, Casper Wood, O.P. Lund, M.O. Lund, Hans Stenson, Hiram N. Wood - Clerk, Rasmus Halverson, Joseph Meloney, Erick Helgeson, John Ingebretson, Peter Ness, Ernest Peterson, Mandric Rice, Marshall & Leslie saw mill.  (Our first chronological entry in the Alderly school file.)

DIRECTOR (of school board)
1861          Alexander Reid
1861-64     Erick Helgeson

1896:  “Motion made and carried that Mrs. Helgeson be paid $4 for drinking water for the school for one year.”  “$4 was paid to Mary Helgeson for use of pump.”  (per Alderly school records)  Helgesons lived across the road from this one room school.  It is known that some teachers lived at the Helgesons during the school year in the old days.

You can find Erik Helgeson’s farm on the northeast corner of Lincoln and Norwegian Roads in the Town of Ashippun.  My g.g. grandfather, John Ingebretson, settled on the next farm to the east.  Our log house still stands on the land.

There is a story of local folklore that during the Indian scare of about 1864, the locals gathered on Helgeson’s land to due battle because it is a high spot.  Of course like all other places outside of New Ulm, Minn., it was just an unwarrented scare and no Indians showed up.  There were very few if any to start with.  They say that the men who started the scare were tarred and feathered.  Probably just folklore, but who knows.  Nothing in the newspapers to substantiate the story.

Descendant of Erick Helgeson is ? Peters (

Pierce County information -
Here's where all the relatives of Erick Helgeson and Kisten are buried -
look under Larson and Christenson (Alice Larson married Axel Christenson).  Cora Christopherson married Axel's brother Ray, but he is buried in Maple Grove Cemetary. Her plot is there, too:

Maple Grove Cemetary:

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