Utreist med/Emigrated on: the bark SALVATOR from Porsgrunn

Utreist til/Emigrated to: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Gunder Madsen Bøe:   He was born in Gjerpen December 11th, 1818 by parents Mads Christensen Bøe and Karen Maria Gundersdatter. Mads was the son of Christen Gundersen Bøe and Sidsel Madsdatter, and Karen Maria was the daughter of Gunder Gundersen Strømdal and Karen Amundsdatter. Gunder is buried at the Faith Lutheran Cemetary in Valders, Wisconsin.

He married January 23, 1849 Tarjar Kirstine Andersdatter, born february 28, 1829, on Birkås, Landvig in Aust-Agder county. Gunder moved on to Manitowoc where he bought land in 1848. He later moved to Cato township.

They had the following children: Mads Gunder (b. Nov 29, 1849), Anton (b. June 30, 1853), Karen Thormine (b. Jan 21, 1856), Nels Anton (b. Oct 11, 1857), Anne Aasine (b. Sept 5, 1859), Oline (b. Oct 6, 1861), Oline (b. Sept 1, 1881)

Gunder was among the trustees of Manitowoc

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